4 Types of Applications You Can Build Using AngularJS

In today’s world, due to the tremendous penetration of apps in people’s lives, the demand for developing such solutions using numerous tech stacks has burgeoned among entrepreneurs. The applications of many organizations are made using different frameworks. But, the ones constructed using JavaScript are facing intense requirements.

It is because the platforms created using JavaScript frameworks are capable of meeting various business needs. This JavaScript framework is divided into wide varieties, but AngularJS is among the most utilized ones by coders, as it ranks fifth in terms of developer usage metrics of 2022.

Thus, getting an AngularJS solution ready would be easier because of the high availability of programmers working on it. But the different kinds of applications that can be made using AngularJS and certain advantages you receive by developing them are discussed in this post. Referring to them would help you in selecting the specific category of an app to be built for your venture.

4 Types of Apps You Can Create By Utilizing AngularJS

Now, if you are willing to build an AngularJS platform for your business, then you should know which different sorts of applications can be made using AngularJS. Here are some types of solutions which can be created using AngularJS are mentioned below:


A SPA provides users with the latest information by automatically rewriting the pages instead of reloading the updated information on a new page. It reduces the hassles of users of refreshing pages manually. In addition, it deals with error-handling operations automatically and controls many internal functions, which contributes to the rapid development of frontend section of a solution.

Mobile Softwares

There is a tremendous demand for smartphone solutions among people, so you can create your application powered to run on their devices using AngularJS. You just require to download MongoDB, NodeJS and then start utilizing REST and certain elements, which would lead your way toward developing seamless mobile apps. So, in this way, you can build a smartphone platform from AngularJS.

Simple Web App

For creating web applications, you need to implement the use of Firebase and AngularJS. Moreover, web apps have similar interfaces to normal mobile phone solutions. The only difference between them is they require internet as they run on browsers. An AngularJS framework provides numerous constituents, directives, and other resources that are idle for building fascinating and intuitive web apps.

Firebase Supported Solutions

Firebase is a database system that offers any kind of hosting services for various apps. Due to the significant requirement of mobile platforms, the developers have now adopted a new mixture of AngularJS and Firebase, resulting in synchronized backend services known as AngularFire. Using this combo, you can build messaging applications, chatbots for websites, and smartphone solutions, as it offers two-way data binding on the client and server sides.

You might have gained an idea that the above-mentioned types of solutions can be made using AngularJS. It includes the utilization of AngularJS development tools that automates certain tedious processes needed to be performed for getting an app ready. Now, what are the perks of creating AngularJS platforms? They are discussed in the following section.

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Perks of Building AngularJS Application

There are many reputed companies from all over utilizing the AngularJS framework for creating their solutions. They might have known some perks before making applications using AngularJS. So, you would gain several perks while building platforms using AngularJS stated below:

Code Rewriting

The main advantage of using AngulraJS for developing solutions is that it permits you to reuse a program or specific pieces of code that is previously used for creating other platforms. Because AngularJS allows you to do so, it will eliminate the need to write code manually and assist you in making apps rapidly without much toil.

Cross Platform Compatibility

A code that you have written for constructing an application can be utilized for building softwares for any other OS too. So, you just need to write a program once for getting a solution for your venture ready to run on multiple operating systems. It will save you ample money, as it would give a platform created to run on any OS for your business and fetch users of different devices.

Lesser Development Costs

Making an AngularJS app would prove to be pocket-friendly by many factors. It is because the programmers would charge fewer fees, as a framework is easy to learn, streamlines testing procedures, and other elements contribute to the affordable costs of building an AngularJS platform for you. So that’s the point behind most entrepreneurs preferring AngularJS development.

Google Support

One of the key reasons behind terrific usage of AngularJS is it’s technically backed by the Google programmer’s community. You would get benefitted from different aspects, such as regular updates of a solution and cross-platform compatibility. So if any issues occur in an app, you can get them cleared immediately due to the vast community of Google developers.

Hence, reading the above-mentioned benefits might have enticed you to receive the AngularJS platform created. However, launching applications made using AngularJS get on a high roll, as nowadays, most people prefer utilizing them to meet their needs efficiently. 

Final Verdict:

Thus, if you are allured to develop an AngularJS solution by witnessing its popularity among programmers, then you should gain an idea about the different types of platforms that can be built. By reading about the different sorts of applications that can be created and the positives of making them using AngularJS mentioned in this post, you must have received sufficient information and come to a conclusion that it is preferable to utilize AngularJS to build apps for your enterprise.