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Anime is a big industry in Japan. Hundreds of shows have been produced over the past decades by this network. There are so many anime options that it’s hard to know where to start. We understand how you feel and are here to help. The following list includes the most classic anime shows ever produced. From action to comedy to sci-fi, there is something for every taste. You are sure to find a new show you will love. 

5 Best Animes Series


You must have been from another dimension or planet if you haven’t heard of Pokemon. It has grown to be a global phenomenon that is worth billions of US dollars since its inception in 1996. Pokemon was originally a video game series created by Nintendo, before being made into an anime adaptation in 1997. It is widely considered to be the most successful anime video game adaptation ever and is available on Animixplay. One of the most loved anime.

Pokemon is actually an abbreviation for the Japanese title, “Pocket Monsters”. The story centers on Satoshi, a young boy who dreams of becoming a Pokemon master and trainer. Only Pikachu has the chance to get a Pokemon of his very own. Although it seemed like a terrible deal, anyone who knows the series will know that things turned out very differently. Today, the series continues to run with 1,196 episodes. There are many spin-offs as well as a lot of live-action movies like Detective Pikachu.

Death Note

Death Note existed before Dexter made people question their feelings about criminals and other bad people being killed in morally questionable ways. Tsugumi Okba wrote the original manga. The anime adaptation was made by Madhouse in 2006. Light Yagami, a high school student who is a genius at maths, stumbles upon the Death Note. Because the book contains a name, it is a special one. The Shinigami Ryuk dropped the book into the human realm, more or less to see what the humans would do.

Light discovers the power of the Death Note book and decides to create a new world in which he will be a god. The deaths are not lost on Light, so the police assign L, a hotshot detective to the case. This is a fascinating tale that shows one man’s descent into madness and makes you question the nature and purpose of justice and morality. It’s easy for viewers to see why this series is considered a classic.


The popular anime series is a charming combination of romance, action, and fantasy. The story follows Kagome Higurashi, a middle-school girl from Tokyo. She falls into a well close to her family shrine, and is then magically transported to Sengoku. She meets Inuyasha, a half-demon/half-human hybrid dog and she helps him to freedom. They then embark on a journey to search for the fragments of a powerful magical jewel that has been lost. The fragments are scattered across the land.

Popular for portraying Kagome as strong female character, the series aired for 167 episodes and featured four additional anime movies. The original series was not over, so five years later, The Final Act, a 26-episode series, was created. This ended the story and provided the satisfaction and closure that fans desired.

Mobile Suit Gundam

It’s difficult to believe that the Gundam franchise has been so successful and spread out that it almost didn’t exist. Mobile Suit Gundam was released in 1979 and was a pioneer in the mecha anime genre. However, it was canceled in 1980. Gundam’s original 43-episode run may have been enough, but for the success of the model kits that accompanied it, the series would not have survived. The franchise was so popular that they sold so many units it would have been foolish to not bring it back to life.

The story takes place in a futuristic future in the very futuristic Universal Century Year 0079. Although it is all about giant robots being piloted by humans and making some profound observations about war and those who fight them, it also makes some insightful and important observations about the nature and motivations of people who are fighting for our rights. Mobile Suit Gundam was the inspiration for many anime series, movies, and models. You could even say that it was the blueprint for many other anime franchises. It is a rite for all to see the original anime series you can watch it on Syncler for free.


We love time-travel stories that bend our minds, and Steins;Gate shows us how to do it perfectly. The sci-fi anime is about Rintaro Okabe, a mad scientist (it’s okay, they call themselves that too), who loves nothing more than to invent new things. He accidentally creates a “Phone Microwave” that can send messages back in time with two of his friends.

They didn’t know that sending these messages would alter history and change the present. They find themselves in the middle of an evil time loop and are then accused of murder. This anime series is unique because it has kept its time travel plot afloat. Steins;Gate is an exciting and thrilling ride that covers everything. This is unlike many other attempts at this genre.