5 Reasons Why Elixir is the Programming Language of the Future

A programming language is so much more than just a set of rules for the computer to understand. It’s how the programmer & computer interact with each other. 

Elixir is a powerful programming language that has been designed for building large applications that are easy to change and improve. It has gained immense popularity over the years, being an easy programming language to incorporate into various software development applications. 

Elixir uses the Erlang VM, which is great for low-latency, distributed systems that can tolerate mistakes. It is also being used more and more in web development and embedded software development projects, staff augmentation, the healthcare sector, and top data-driven software development companies in the US and all over the world.

Have you ever wondered what has caused Elixir to become one of the world’s most popular programming languages? This blog is an attempt to predict the future.

Let’s take a look at the top 5 reasons why Elixir will be the next big thing.

1. Bug-Free Environment with Latest Features:

Elixir is a productive, modern programming language displaying useful functions (like the Pipe operator, Protocols, well-integrated built-in documentation, package manager, and so on), which makes it a delight to use as a developer. But, since Elixir is built on the pinnacle of the Erlang digital system, it’s also constructed on a battle-tested core, created by Ericsson. 

Erlang has been used to power allotted, fault-tolerant, and notably available structures for decades. Telecom systems around the arena, FB messenger, Bet365, IBM Cloud, and Whatsapp have all benefited from its rock-solid design.

This awesome blend of the latest and most productive language functions, excellent tooling, and high-quality documentation, with the stability and predictability of the demonstrated era, makes the Elixir programming language unique and interesting.

2. Wide Range of Functional Tooling:

Tooling makes languages more adaptable and easy to use. This means that you don’t have to go through the hassle of recreating the circle with every new use case. 

Elixir, being a dynamic programming language, offers a variety of powerful tools, including Phoenix LiveView which enables the software developers to build real-time, front-end/full stack web applications without writing any JavaScript code or using Crawly

As a result, this entire process makes web crawling and Data Scraping in Elixir very convenient. Not only does Elixir have a vast range of tooling available, but as mentioned earlier, there is also a passionate community of competent software developers who are continuously creating new tools and improvising the ones already available in the top software development companies across the globe.

3. Enhanced Scalability Performance

Over the recent years; Elixir programming language has attained the status of being a popular backend choice for software developers, owing to its upgraded scalability performance and its origins in Erlang.

For front-end applications; Phoenix LiveView has opened new horizons for Elixir developers. As a result, Elixir is a language that can be adopted right from the tech stack, thus not only making it a top choice for the relatively unique set of businesses such as FMCGs, Telecom Sector, Healthcare Sector, etc but it also opens up the door for learning new ways to where a programming language can take you as a software developer.

4. Ability to Cope With The Modern Usage Requirements:

Digital Transformation is a word we all know about, right? As the population increases and businesses move online; there is growing pressure on the systems to be able to handle enormous spikes with billions of concurrent users. 

Concurrency and scalability are what Elixir programming language is all about as Elixir runs on the BEAM VM. – A system that is fabricated for concurrency. As a result, Elixir can handle these high influxes of users very conveniently. 

5. A New Learning Approach Towards Other Languages:

Acquiring knowledge about a new and dynamic functional programming model empowers you to study the way software developers approach programming. While doing so, it can help them determine the habits that can be improved and suggest new ways to look at the problems and their solutions. 

This modern perspective is important to identify all future developments in the software industry, regardless of what language one is an expert in. 

For instance; if a software developer is using Ruby, the Elixir syntax will allow an easy conversion into functional, more concurrent programming.

Still, looking for answers about why you should opt for Elixir as your next programming language to learn? The answer is here! Elixir programming language is unique, dynamic, functional, and very easy to work with, thus easily qualifying for the programming language of the future.