7 Helpful Tips for Moving with Pets

Done with the packing list, movers scheduled, mail sent, but what about your pets? It’s no secret that pet owners have an unfathomable affection for their pets. When moving day comes around, don’t forget about your beloved pets. 

For pets, a move is an ultimate disruption to their routines. You can help your pet adjust to the chaos of relocating by taking a few precautions. Making a detailed plan ahead of time and hiring a furniture removalists Sydney will reduce your anxiety throughout the hectic process of packing and moving. This results in a more pleasant experience for you and your loved ones.

Keep the pets safe from packing supplies

The packing materials are a favourite toy for pets. An empty box or tear-off tissue paper provides endless entertainment. But be aware that they can also pose a danger to your pet. One of the responsibilities of being a responsible pet parent is ensuring that your pets aren’t exposed to something dangerous. Keep that plastic bag and wrapping paper far from the pet! 

When the move day arrives and packing gets underway, the pets may be attracted by chewing your boxes and packing materials. This is why preparing your pet before the day is important to avoid interruptions and box attacks. 

Ensure that your pets have something to do

Even though you’ll be busy packing and relocating, you must set aside some time to play with your dogs. Moreover, if you can get your pet to sleep before the transfer, they’ll be more relaxed and less likely to disrupt the process. If you’re too busy to take your pet out for a walk or a game of fetch, consider taking a friend’s help. 

You can assist your dog benefit from exercise and mental stimulation by using dog walking services. You can further assist in keeping your pet occupied by using brain games. They’ll have something to do, so they won’t become bored and start acting out, and you’ll have more time for other things.

Keep your pet in a quiet, secure area.

Consider taking help from a friend, family member, or reliable kennel to look after your pet for a few days before and after your move. When bringing your pets, you should set up your pet’s room when you get to your new home. Place their blanket, cage, or box in a comfortable area away from the noise and bustle of the move but not so distant that they can’t hear you. 

You should avoid giving them the impression that they are completely abandoned in this unfamiliar land. Consider placing dogs and cats in a room with a door with the help of Removalists Ballarat that can be closed between move-out and move-in since the front door will likely be open. 

By this time, you have to bring all your items inside. When you’ve already had a long day at work, the last thing you need is an escapee to go after.

Make an appointment with the vet before moving with the pet.

With the stress of moving your pet to a new home, we commonly overlook the pet’s requirements. Things like paws or oral hygiene are often overlooked. In addition, most of us underestimate the importance of vets in the relocation process. Vets can be a valuable source of information about keeping your pet healthy and helping to reduce stress when faced with a stressful relocation.

We recommend making an appointment with your vet at least a few weeks before your move to obtain all the required information as well as certificates of vaccinations.

If you’re planning to move out of town and are looking for a new vet to take your dog, request a copy of your pet’s medical records and other files. 

Keep your pet indoors and nearby to ensure its safety

Doors might be left open while you are shifting from your old house. To prevent your pet from running away out of panic or uncertainty, keeping it in a safe environment is important. Don’t let them roam the home; restrict them to a kennel in a calm, enclosed space. Obviously, leaving your pets behind and moving into a new house is not a good idea. So, ensure you have a recent picture of them and up-to-date identification tags or microchips to track their every movement.

Pet Proof Your New Home

We’re sure you’re fond of your pet and enjoy having them play and run around. However, ensuring your home is pet-friendly is crucial since your pet will adjust to its new environment just like you. Be sure to inform them of their limits. 

Install a pet door on the stairs for your dog. Also, ensure that the plants you put in your new house are not something they can be destructive or play with. Also, be sure your window screens are in good condition and that any electrical cords that could cause accidents are kept away from them.

Make sure your pet is ready to be safe inside your car.

The most secure place for your pet is with the seatbelt on their cage or carrier in the back of your car. Be sure that the seat belts are secure and that there aren’t any loose objects or boxes that might impact your pet. It is possible to put a blanket on your pet’s cage or carrier to limit the amount of visual stimulation if you believe it will reduce their anxiety.

It is essential to remember that this shouldn’t be the first time that your pet has been in a car or crate! Get them used to it before and ensure it’s an enjoyable and safe place to travel. You could even go for some test drives before the trip and ensure that travelling in a car isn’t something new or scary.


It is in your best interest to search for various Interstate removalists Sydney based before settling on the local moving company that best suits your needs. The movers you choose must understand your pet’s special requirements. They will take necessary precautions to make your move stress free and help lessen the possibility of pet escape.