7 methods to increase the number of Instagram followers for your company’s Instagram account

7 methods to increase the number of Instagram followers for your company’s Instagram account

 Once you’ve figured out the right thing to avoid and what not to do, here are some techniques, tricks, and tricks to help you increase your Instagram followers.

Make your Instagram profile more appealing to new users

 Your bio is an important element of the Instagram advertising strategy. This is what people are presented with when they visit your profile. Getting them to click the following button should be welcoming and appealing.

 Be attentive to the following elements in the Instagram bio:

  1.  Your company’s name
  2.  A well-known profile photo (e.g., the brand logo)
  3.  A concise description of your service or products.
  4.  Link to your site
  5.  Inviting people to take actions, like buttons for shopping or email addresses

 You can likewise add hashtags in your profile. It is a tried and true strategy to grow your followers that can help you increase your reach. Pick a relevant hashtag and incorporate it into your bio, making yourself more visible to your targeted group of followers.

 Advertise with ads to get more coverage (if your budget will allow)

 If you publish your content organically and are not paid for it, Instagram’s Instagram algorithm will show your posts to the majority that follow you. To increase the number of users who see your posts, you can use paid ads on Instagram or by increase your posts’ reach or running custom-designed ads.

 One option you can choose is a “Lookalike audience,” which is the term used to describe how Instagram will show your advertisement to those similar to your Instagram followers’ profiles. This method of targeting makes sure that those with similar interests and behavior that are who are already following your posts will be able to see your ad. This will make them more likely to be avid followers of yours.

 Make sure to promote your profile on other sites

 Promoting your Instagram profile on other platforms is a great method to attract more people to come or keep track of your Instagram profile. The most popular strategies include:

  • Add a link to the Instagram page on your site’s footer
  • Linking to your profile on your blog
  • Promoting cross-promotion on other social media platforms
  • Include a link in the email newsletters

 It doesn’t need to be a promotional message. It can be as simple as embedding your Instagram post in your blog post to demonstrate a point you’re trying to make can suffice. People who see the mentions on the Instagram page are engaged with your business as potential or existing customers. Therefore, they’re likely to follow your account on Instagram.

 Explore different types of content

 We’ve briefly discussed the notion that although Instagram began as an image-sharing platform, it now caters to various types of content. Alongside photos, you can also upload videos, Reels, Stories, and carousel-style posts. Mixing up your content will help boost your visibility on Instagram as it allows you to be featured at more locations — thus exposing you to more followers.

 Make the most of the various types of posts and track your analytic on Instagram to determine what format produces the most results. What is the most shared type of content that you can share with your followers? What formats are most effective in generating interest?

 If you become a viral sensation with a certain form of content, you may significantly increase your followers in a brief amount of time.

 Organize a (relevant) contest to get the message to the right people

 Contests on Instagram are a fantastic method to grow your Instagram followers rapidly. Studies suggest that contests can increase your followers by up to 70. But there’s a line of difference between acquiring relevant followers and many disengaged customers seeking a freebie.

 To ensure that you’re attracting people who are your ideal person or customer, pick the prize that is relevant to your business. It doesn’t matter if it’s the products you offer or a subscription to another related service. It must be in a good alignment, or you’ll end up with followers who don’t engage with you or unfollow after the contest ends.

 Utilize Story-themed stickers to create an interest

 Instagram Stories are a method to post content for a short period on Instagram Stories. (Stories disappear within one day). They can also be extremely entertaining, particularly when you use the many available stickers.

 Use Instagram Story stickers, such as GIFs, emojis, text, and music. Conduct polls and ask questions from your audience to understand their needs and issues. Use these insights to improve your approach to creating quality posts for your account to engage new followers with similar interests to your current followers. To apply a sticker, press the sticker button when creating an Instagram Story account. Then, you’ll be presented with an array of stickers for overlaying on your post:

 The most exciting aspect? People can add your Story with their other Stories, which means that your engaging content could quickly go popular and bring new followers and audiences to your account. Examine the engagement and the reach of your Stories using different stickers to determine which are most effective in boosting the number of followers you have.

 Utilize a grid-based theme to create an impression instantly

 In addition to your bio information, the grid-based content is the second item that people look up while deciding whether or not to follow your company’s Instagram profile.

 For a quick, lasting impression, you can try using a grid-based theme aesthetic style when posting new content on your profile. The design style can help connect your content to guarantee consistency and remembrance. The options include:

 Black and white images for a monochrome look

  1. Borders to your images aid in making them stand out on your grid
  2. A jigsaw method to construct individual posts into larger ones
  3. Color schemes that are defined across all your content help you recall your brand and build a strong association with it.