A Guide to Become a Professional Localization Project Manager

Brand localization is critical to your global business expansion, and to make your localization derive desirable results; you need a skilled project manager.

The project manager’s responsibility is to manage and execute your localization project efficiently, getting away with all the challenges coming his way. From managing the localization teams to meeting the deadlines, project managers are accountable for everything happening throughout the localization project.

Whether you are a language service provider or a global business, you would need a project manager to handle your localization operations. The demand for professional project managers is increasing with the increase in brand localization. There are a lot of career opportunities emerging for project managers; however, they must possess all skills required to effectively manage large-scale localization projects.

Read this article till the end to learn about all the necessary skills one must get to build a successful career as a successful project manager.

Role of Localization Project Manager – A Brief Overview

A localization project manager develops a robust localization strategy and works through it till the end to achieve desirable outcomes. From the management of localization operations to team management, it is the duty of the project manager to carry out everything smoothly. The project manager also looks after the project budget to avoid overspending. He is also accountable for the right and efficient use of all resources provided throughout the project execution.

What Skills Must A Localization Project Manager Have?

Well, there are many skills and experiences a project manager should have based on the nature and scope of the project that he is going to manage. Here are some basic skills that every project manager must have to effectively manage any localization project.

Knowledge of Localization Management

First things first, a project manager must have good knowledge of how brand localization works so he can build a suitable localization strategy accordingly. Keen localization understanding comes only with experience. Project managers must have good experience working with diverse localization projects, so they can better handle the project at hand.

He should be aware of the methods and techniques used to carry out localization operations. The more knowledge and experience a project manager has, the better he can deal with problems occurring throughout the project. Moreover, he can also effectively resolve the issues of project teams.

Team Management Skills 

Promoting effective communication between team members is one of the most challenging and crucial jobs of a project manager. Project managers have to deal with both internal and external teams on a regular basis. He must have good communication skills to articulate his concerns to teams and get their feedback to improve things. Managing remote employees, staying in touch with them, and monitoring their performance is also vital for a project manager. So, if someone has good people skills, it would get them a long way to becoming an effective project manager. People would easily get along with them and feel free to approach them and share their concerns. It promotes healthy collaboration between all teams and creates work harmony.

Proactiveness & Problem Solving 

A localization project manager is like the caption of the ship; you should have good leadership abilities. A proactive personality and activism not just help them create their influence on other people but also fuel energy in other team members. Proactive project managers are open to innovation and new challenges. On the flip side, project managers with passive nature only try to avoid problems and resist change. They like to get things going, as they have been forever.

Proactiveness also leads to higher efficiency and problem-solving abilities. It is obvious that project managers have to face a situation that was never predicted. In such cases, they must actively look for suitable solutions and resolve issues as soon as possible. So, a localization project manager has to be a problem solver.  

Understanding of the Latest Technology

There are a lot of new tools and software available in the market with advanced features that could significantly ease localization management. Project managers must have a good understanding of all advanced tools, such as a translation management system. They must have experience working on at least one professional localization platform. These professional tools can reduce workloads and enhance work efficiency to a great extent, so project managers know how they work.  

Latest Language service providers, when hiring a project manager, are concerned about their understanding of the latest technology coming into the market. A project manager must keep up with the latest trends in the localization industry and understand state-of-the-art technologies well.

Summing Up!

If you want to become a professional project manager, ensure you have all the skills mentioned above. However, every business and best language service provider could demand diversified experience and skills from a project manager. Your project manager must know how to work on a professional translation management system. This article talks about the basic skills merit of localization project management that you must achieve to start your project management career.