All jobs related to the world of the horse

The horse is not just a passion, a sport, a way to use free time: the horse is a lifestyle, it is a deep love.

And for many it is automatic, instinctive, to choose a profession that can keep them always in contact, every day, with their greatest passion.

Indeed, the job opportunities offered by the horse world are many. Register now for free and discover the exciting world of HorseCare24!

Let’s see together what are the jobs related to the world of the horse that every enthusiast could do.

Athlete, rider, jockey

Whoever is lucky enough to own a horse can do it with his own, but this can also become a profession to be practiced for third parties.

With this kind of work you have the opportunity to continuously participate in shows, exhibitions and performances, events, races and rides, competitions and various thematic events.

Farrier, jogger

These professionals take care of the feet of horses, an ancient profession. If you obtain a specific diploma recognized and registered with the veterinary USL of the area in which you practice, you become in effect recognized social health operators.


To tell the truth, there are many specializations that are suitable for those who want to devote themselves to the equine field. You can choose to become a hippiatro veterinarian, nutritionist, dentist, reproductive expert, orthopedist, surgeon or veterinarian for general basic care.


assistant The veterinary assistant works alongside the veterinarian, but cannot practice on his own.


physiotherapist The physiotherapist intervenes where there are problems of a muscular or biomechanical nature of the horse.

Equine chiropractor and masseur

These two professionals deal with the health and well-being of the horse through manipulations and therapeutic massages.

Instructor and trainer

Instructors and trainers take care of teaching, training and training of horses and riders.

Coach and Trainer

These figures take care of starting young horses, rebalancing problem horses or giving specialized training to horses.

Groom and artiere

These professionals take care of the daily care of the horses.

And in addition we also add many other professions that allow you to share your days in contact with the horse:

owner or manager of stables or riding stables; organizer of equestrian events; saddler; horse breeder and trader; horse racing judge and support staff for horse racing events; photographer, artist, journalist from the world of horses and equitation.

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