Email marketing has been its own branch of marketing for a long time. The email has been around for so long that it’s hard to stand out in the recipient’s inbox. Because of this, businesses try everything they can to stand out. As a result, email is one of the most crucial B2B marketing channels for those who use it well.

It’s hard to make an impression that lasts. It’s even tougher to do at the end of an email. But, in this case, your email signatures can help. That’s probably why so many of us look for professional email signature examples and tips when we create an email signature.

There are many ways to make the most of your email signature design, so let’s go over some easy tips and look at some beautiful examples.

Muted color palettes

Low-saturated colors that are not very bright are very pleasing to the eye. They calm the mind of the viewer and make them feel calm. So, strangely enough, people are much more likely to notice them than bright palettes. You should only use two colors when using an email signature generator. For example, you could make the main text dark grey and the extra text dark green. If you don’t have a brand book, you can use your company’s colors, ask a designer for help, or just use an online tool to make a color palette.

Don’t put in too much detail

People often make their email signatures look like a mini-biography by putting links, information, quotes, and a lot of other information in them. However, if you put too much information in your professional email signature, it will look big and long, which will make most people not even look at it, let alone read it or click on your links. So, try to keep your signature short and relevant to your brand. By only including the most important information about the brand, the design is kept short, simple, and very easy to use.

Serif fonts usage

Just like with colors, if you use too many fonts in your email signature design, it can quickly become hard to read and to distract. The Serif font family is the best for most uses, according to 2022 design trends. You should only use one font using an email signature maker. If you choose Garamond, it should be Garamond everywhere. The best thing to do with pictures is to use the same font. Just ensure that you are using a web-safe version. So, you can be sure that the font will look right on any device or software.

Keep your graphics easy to understand

Try to put no more than one or two graphic elements in your email signature to keep the design from getting too busy. If you put too many different graphics into your email signature, it can quickly become too complicated and look more like a collage than a sign-off. Your brand logo is a standard graphic to put in your email signatures. A headshot of the person who sent the email is another common graphic element that is often used in signatures. Use both a headshot and a brand logo in the signature so that it gets the best of both worlds.


Try using squares, triangles, circles, etc., in your email signature design. In 2022, simple shapes will be a big trend in design. When you put these things together with low-saturated colors, it makes any image stand out and even look stylish. Simplicity is also essential when it comes to designing social icons and CTA buttons. Use banners and flat icons to draw attention to the crucial parts of your email signatures.

Follow a hierarchy

Any design that uses type to communicate important information must have a strong hierarchy. Since your professional email signature contains important information, hierarchy is especially important. When designing it using an email signature generator, use scale, color, and font weight to show your email recipients which parts of your signature they should read first. Whether it’s the name of the person who sent the email or the name of the brand or company, this key piece of font and information should be at the top of the hierarchy.


Companies can now use email signature marketing platforms to send different email signature templates to various departments. Signature elements and call-to-action buttons can be changed by marketing managers to meet the goals of their departments. Put signatures in order by the department. For example, include a link to a demo in the messages from the Sales department. For the Customer Support team, add a banner that says “Leave a Review.” It’s also important to change email signatures when sending emails inside or outside of the company. Different email signatures could be used for different stages of communication, like cold emails, promotional emails, responses, or forwards.

Use social media icons to drive traffic

Putting links to your social media pages in your emails not only brings more people to your online content but also helps the person you’re emailing find new ways to get in touch with you and follow you. If you want to add links to your social media profiles, you might want to use icons instead of hyperlinks or URLs. Icons also save a lot of space and help you avoid long URLs, which is a nice bonus. To make sure everything looks good together, try to choose or create social media symbols that look like parts of your design, like how these icons look like a circle with a single line around it.

Use space by putting up dividers and pipes

When you have a small space but a lot of content, space is often a luxury. So, by using dividers, you can fit a lot of information into a small space without making it look too busy or complicated. Using simple blue graphic dividers makes each information section and content easier to read, understand, and find. Using glyph dividers is another way to divide your text. The vertical bar is a glyph that is often used.

Fit with the brand in mind

In 2022, the email signature design must match the brand or help the personal brand. For example, if you are a travel blogger on YouTube, your email signature should look cool and fun. On the other hand, if you work with a big company, you should ensure the professional email signature looks the same as everyone else’s. For business email signatures, it’s essential to use the same colors, fonts, and layout. In this way, the best thing to do in 2022 is to have one person be in charge of the design of everyone else’s email signature. This person should make a template for an email signature that everyone in the company can use. In case the email signature you made was not as per the brand’s demand then you can unsend it very easily. You can learn how to unsend an email in gmail.

Consider making it mobile-­friendly

The number of people who check their emails on their phones or tablets keeps going up. When making your email signature responsive and mobile-friendly, there are a lot of technical things to think about. But let’s talk about design. Scale is among the most crucial aspects of designing. Mobile screens are much smaller than desktop screens, so make sure that your text and images can still be read when they are shrunk down. For example, the text around the logo badge is very small and might not be able to be read on the phone. In this case, this isn’t a huge problem, but it’s still something to watch out for.

When moving from desktop to mobile, you should also ensure that your links can be “tapped.” This means that your links can’t be too small or too close together. If they are, a thumb could try to tap on a Twitter icon but instead, click on an icon next to it and be taken to a Facebook page.

Design alignment

Here’s a secret: alignment is what makes the difference between a neat, well-organized, and effective email signature design and one that just looks sloppy. By aligning your graphics, type, and icons in a simple and logical way, you can give your design instant order and harmony. Try to find shapes in your signature that you can use to line up the other parts of your signature. This will help you make a neat and well-aligned signature. Putting your signature in the right place on the page is also very important. Most email signatures are aligned to the left, which makes it easier for the eye to move around and read.

Discover balance

As a last piece of advice, just make sure that your design is balanced. Not only does this mean that things should look balanced, which is very important, but it also means that you prefer being organized. Choose your battles when it’s time to design. Even if you want to use multiple colors and shapes, just make sure to choose them carefully and balance them out with an effortless design.

The Bottom Line

The email will continue to be one of the most popular and cost-effective ways for businesses to talk to each other. So, marketers start looking for more ways to use this channel to find new leads, raise awareness of their brand, and make their current customers more loyal. Email signatures are a small but essential part of building your business, brand, and professional image. They can not only give your email recipients helpful information and links, but they can also show off your brand visually.

Have fun making your signatures with email signature makers, but try to keep things as simple as possible. If you make sure your type is easy to read, your colors are excellent, and your graphics can be resized, you’ll leave the best kind of lasting impression on all your email contacts.

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