What is the best no contract broadband service?

Summary: We explore what no contract broadband is, why it’s good for your bills, and which providers offer the best no contract broadband services in the UK. No contract broadband enables you to stay maximally flexible, increasing or decreasing your broadband capacity as and when you need to.

Whether you’re looking for a broadband deal for a small business or the best deal for your home, no-contract broadband deals offer maximum flexibility for users unsure of their future needs. If you’re interested in switching to a no-contract broadband deal in the future, read our summary of no-contract broadband benefits and how to find the best provider of no-contract broadband right now.

What is no contract broadband?

No contract broadband, also called short-term broadband, is a type of broadband deal which allows customers to sign up for a particular provider and pay a set amount per month, while still protecting their rights to change provider or leave the contract at any time. This ensures that, as a customer, you retain maximum flexibility and enjoy the ability to shop around for lower prices or higher speeds as and when you need to. Some of the benefits of choosing no contract broadband include:

• Maximum flexibility

• Choose a broadband package that suits your current needs

• Switch packages as your needs increase or change without paying cancellation fees

• Shop around for the best deals regularly

• Don’t lock yourself into an expensive contract

While no contract broadband offers the most flexibility, it’s also worth considering the fact that, in the long term, it may cost you slightly more to pay for no contract broadband than fixed-term deals. Consider the setup costs of each deal, because if you change your provider regularly these could add up over time.

What are the best no-contract broadband deals on the market?

It’s easy to find the best no-contract broadband deals at any given time. Simply use online comparison tools to compare the prices and speeds of current no-contract broadband offers and choose the one that offers the speeds you need at the lowest price.

When you’re looking for a no-contract deal, don’t forget to check:

• What speed is the connection?

• Whether there’s a limit on how much data you can download

• What type of connection it is, i.e. fibre

• Any setup costs involved

• Does the contract include a phone line
If you live in a rural area where broadband speeds are still improving, opting for a no-contract broadband deal could help you to stay flexible and take advantage of providers offering higher broadband speeds as and when they become available.