Buy a Tesla with Bitcoin from AutoCoinCars

You can buy a Tesla with Bitcoin through AutoCoinCars. It’s one of the leading crypto online marketplaces for exotic and exciting premium vehicles in the UK. The auction website only lists high-end automobiles that can be purchase using cryptocurrency. You can choose Bitcoin or any other acceptable cryptocurrency to get your favorite Tesla model at cost-effective rates and in less time consumed by eliminating traditional payment methods that involve exhausting paperwork. 

There are many reasons why people buy and sell things with Bitcoin. There is no central bank or government in charge of Bitcoin. Consequently, transactions are nearly anonymous. Bitcoin is generally popular with share traders and younger people. They don’t want to have to decline the money. AutoCoinCars provide an amazing opportunity to buy a Tesla with Bitcoin or even Ethereum with a wide range of Tesla cars to pick from. We have a wide range of Tesla cars for sale listed on our website, you can pick any of your favorite models of Tesla. 

How to buy a car with Bitcoin from AutoCoinCars?

If you own cryptocurrencies, are you looking for a way to convert your funds into a tangible asset? The ten simple steps we recommend taking to buy used cars for sale using cryptocurrency are list below.

Step 1: Make an inquiry. 

  • Don’t hesitate to contact the company if you like a Tesla car on 
  • Your relationship with us will begin with a phone call, email, inquiry through our website, or even immediate contact with the dealership.
  • Prior to deciding whether you want to purchase the car, you might also want to take a physical examination of the Tesla car selected by the dealership to learn more about it.

Step 2: Sign Up

  • To purchase with AutoCoinCars, you must complete our online sign-up by following the instructions on our website.
  • We provide you with an invulnerable account profile on our device after verifying your email address. 
  • After that, to confirm essential points and guarantee each service, you must complete our verification system, which consists of KYC and AML and is similar to a typical automobile purchase. 
  • We have accurate statistics regarding the people we are promoting.

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Step 3:  Verification

  • Verification To validate the data you supply, we use Veriff.
  • We can move forward with purchasing your automobile as soon as you receive a confirmation from our verification team.

Step 4: Invoicing 

  • AutoCoinCars will get in touch with the car dealership to ask for the bill for the car you want to buy.
  • You will also receive delivery of the bill.

Step 5: Final Confirmations

  • Once AutoCoinCars has secured your car deal, we will conduct a final verification test by calling you to verbally confirm the essential information you have provided in your online profile.

Step 6: Testing Transaction

  • At this stage, you will be ensure that there is no risk of human error for our crypto fee processing provider.
  • A check transaction is charge over a small amount to ensure that you correctly entered the cryptocurrency wallet ID before sending the full payment.
  • Additionally, this testing enables us to verify dollars as proof and guarantees the safe delivery of your cryptocurrency.

Step 7: Current Rate and Payment Estimation 

  • After AutoCoinCars receives three confirmations from the check transaction on the blockchain, we will establish a fixed rate for 30 minutes in your selected cryptocurrency from our global cryptocurrencies.
  • At this point, a small processing fee is charge to guarantee the liquidity check charge.
  • With AutoCoinCars, you will send the cryptocurrency portion of the final bill fee to the direct pockets.

Step 8: Concluding the Payment

  • After that, AutoCoinCars has received the charge, we will contact you and the dealership by phone and email to confirm when you will receive the cryptocurrency charge.

Step 9: AutoCoinCars’ Excellent Price Processing Service 

  • AutoCoinCars provides this service. After converting the cryptocurrency into fiat, we convert it into the provider’s local currency, such as GBP, EUR, and USD.
  • Once it has been change, we send the price to the dealership’s bank. The dealership will contact us to confirm the received price.

Step 10: Getting Your New Car

  • Once the dealership confirms the price receipt, they can deliver the vehicle to you.
  • The supplier will check your address and ID to make sure they match our record of you.
  • You will now have ownership of your new vehicle as soon as this is confirm!
  • You can pick up your new Tesla car in person or arrange transportation directly with the dealership.

It has become the dealership of choice for not only white collar. But also VIPs and famous clients across the UK. There are more than 138 Tesla used cars for sale. Standard features include a 175-Point Quality Check and a Warranty for a Year. In Conclusion, As Tesla manufacturers have refused to accept Bitcoin as a mode of payment, Tesla lovers who own Bitcoin have a hard blow. After all But this hurdle has been remove by the AutoCoinCars marketplace to sell and buy a Tesla with Bitcoin at the ease of remaining at your place. For more articles click here