Choose a perfume for women

Choosing a perfume, whether you are a man or a woman, is quite a complex and delicate thing. Far from a simple superficial accessory, perfume will act as a mirror of the personality of the person who wears it when carefully selected. Therefore, it is important for a woman to find her own style of perfume.

Finding Your Soul Family

You may like to change your scent according to the season, your style, or your mood. However, it can be interesting to know which olfactory family you belong to so that you can direct yourself to the scents that resonate with you. Here are the different Zulfi families belonging to perfumes:

The citrus family

The Fougère family

• The Woody Family

Eastern or Amber Dynasty

• Chypre family

• Flower family

A selection of signature perfumes for women

You may be looking for your signature scent, one that matches your identity, and that accompanies you on a daily basis, leaving a deep imprint of your presence in the memory of your loved ones. will

In this case, you will have to test several different perfumes, until you find the one that touches you the most and gives you a sincere powerful feeling. The scents that mark us the most are usually those that echo our olfactory heritage, which is the sum of all the smells and tastes we’ve encountered in our lives. A carefully chosen signature perfume will strengthen self-esteem.

If you plan to buy your perfume in a store, tell the advisors whether you prefer a discreet perfume or one with a strong, powerful and persistent trail. Must read about world best women perfume YSL Black Opium!

A perfume for sporty and dynamic women

If you have a sporty look, you’re probably looking for dynamic, but also fresh and lively fragrances.

You will likely enjoy fresh, citrus, marine or green scents. Here are some fragrances that meet these criteria:

• C K One Calvin Klein

• Light blue Dolce Gabbana.

• Eau sauvage Dior

• Eau Guerlain

• O Lancôme

• Eve Hermes

• Eau d’Orange Verte Hermès

• Eau Cartier

• Eau Givenchy

• Les Eaux Fraîches Roger Gallet

• Les Eaux de Politesse Serge Lutens

• Les Aqua Allegoria Guerlain

• Chance channel

• Eau de Soleil blanc Tom Ford

• Neroli Portofino Tom Ford

• Les Escales Dior

• Les Jardins Hermès

• Les Eaux de Colonne : Orange sanguine Atelier Colonne

• Citron Noir Hermès

• Yuzo Man Caron

• Dimanche à la Campagne Guerlain

• Bronze goddess Estée Lauder

You can also try fresh versions of wonderful perfumery classics such as:

• Souffle Shalimar Guerlain

• Chance Eve View Channel

• Chance Eau fraîche Chanel

• Shalimar Souffle Lumière

• Eau fraîche Addict Dior

A perfume for women with a classic style

If you have a classic style and are looking for a reliable fragrance with reassurance and elegant notes that won’t be useful for your entourage but can still mark your presence, then this perfume is for you. Classic classics may suit you:

• Coco Chanel

• Chance channel

• №5 channel

• Jador Dyer

• Chloé Chloé

A perfume for women with an ethnic style

Chyprie and woody fragrances are especially suitable for women with an ethnic style. Here are some examples:

• Mitsouko Guerlain

• For her Narcisso Rodriguez

• Fleur Musc Narcisso Rodriguez

• Coco Chanel

• Aromatics Elixir Clinic

A perfume for women with an alluring style

If you have a more warm and enveloping style, you’ll probably appreciate sophistication and sensual scents. And if you are the charming type, an oriental or forest family would be perfect for you. Also, vanilla and balsamic notes will not offend you, and you can definitely choose oriental or amber, even woody, flavors such as:

• Shalimar Guerlain

• Opium Yves Saint Laurent

• Hypnotic Poison Dior

• C. Armani.

• Vanilla Collection Sylvaine Delacourte

For even more sophisticated fragrances, you can go for the following fragrances:

• La Vie est Belle Lancôme

• Black Opium Yves Saint Laurent

• Angel Mugler

• La Petite Robe Noire Guerlain

• Good Girl Carolina Herrera

And for heady white flowers and a powerful wake-up scent:

• Scandal Gaultier

• L’Interdit Givenchy

• Elaine Mugler

• Twiley Hermes

A perfume for brave women

Do you have a bold character and are you looking for a fragrance that is hard wearing and off the beaten track? In this case, go for perfumes that are less distributed by classic perfumeries, and go to an alternative perfumery, or “niche perfumery”, either in a store or on an online site (which gives you samples at a lower price). will allow to get what you can.try at home).

If you’re looking for something innovative and a little avant-garde, you might enjoy wearing unisex fragrances, even masculine fragrances. In fact, perfume goes beyond style, and the main thing is that the perfume gives you a powerful emotion. Also, since fragrances vary from person to person, it is unlikely that a masculine fragrance will become more feminine on your skin.

Finally, if you’re looking for a powerful fragrance, you can gravitate towards fragrances based on oud wood, which are offered by many brands.

Additionally, there are a large number of niche, or secret, perfumes that will be offered rather than being unisex. In the exclusive brand of Sylvaine Delacourte, you may fall in love with the following perfumes for women.

• Fresh and sweet: Doana

Citrus freshness: Oranzo, Smeraldo

• Floral: Olyssia, Florentina, lilylang, Vahina, Oscarine

• Fresh Spicy: Helichrysum

• Sexy Vanilla: Vangelis, Ozkan, Osiris, Virgile

• Fresh Vanilla: Valkyrie

You can order cheap discovery sets to try the fragrance at home before you buy it, as it’s important to take the time to try it on your skin. Also, don’t hesitate to ask for feedback from those around you, if you receive compliments it will definitely be a sign that you have found your signature scent.

Sylvain Delacorte fragrance

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