10 Social Media Marketing Agencies for 2022

Top 10 Social Media Marketing Agencies for 2022

1. Fuel Online

Firstly, Fuel Online, a U.S.-based digital marketing firm, is a rising comprar seguidores twitter star in social media marketing. It’s a full-service agency that can manage all-inclusive social media marketing campaigns.

Secondly, It doesn’t just give your organic Facebook interaction; It can also assist you in managing your social media marketing campaigns.

However, The company is proud of offering a wide range of services that include:

Social Media Awareness

Social Media Campaigns

PPC Ad Campaigns

Ad Management and Placement

Content & Creative

2. Socialists

Firstly, This is a company in the field of social media that claims to be an expert in telling stories about brands in a manner that generates the most engagement. Secondly, They do this by focusing on results and analytics capabilities that demonstrate the results.

What else?

Firstly, It’s a full-service company that can do everything from creating an idea to carrying it out and monitoring the results. SecoThey also have experience dealing with social media advertising aside from organic post-production and content creation.

Here’s how they categorize this list of marketing products:





3. Social Media 55

Social Media 55 describes itself as a digital advertising and social media management firm. They have developed expertise in targeting digital marketing efforts on a nano-scale to provide results to their customers.

They realize that social media is one of the most effective marketing tools to connect with viewers in real-time. The issue that “do-it-yourself” businesses face is the ability to build and sustain these channels.


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Social Media 55’s social media services can be tailored to the needs of businesses of all sizes. The “a la carte” style solutions are designed to increase their client’s capacity to connect with their targeted public.

They divide the social media advertising into:

Marketing via Influencers

Management of social media

Social media advertising on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, Snapchat, and YouTube

Marketing with Snapchat

Facebook marketing

4. Social Vantage

This is a specialist social media management firm focused on just this and nothing else.

They can design and implement a successful social media campaign that generates engagement. They create strategies around business goals regardless of whether they make people aware, generate leads, or any other.

It is a well-respected social media company that has been featured by prestigious sources such as Forbes as well as Clutch.

In addition to natural social media advertising, they provide advertising on social media. You can use their services to improve and manage successful social media marketing campaigns.

These are the primary offerings they provide:

Management of social media

Social media marketing

Social media consulting

5. Savage Global Marketing

It is an agency that is digitally focused and offers Social Media Marketing Services. They can assist you in building your brand, building your brand’s visibility, increasing traffic, and increasing the return on investment.

For More:

This agency is ideally suited for small companies trying to build their brands and create a presence on the internet. Their expertise lies in creating content that is consistent with the brand’s values and posting frequently and regularly across different platforms.

So, if you’re searching for someone to handle all your accounts on social media and build your social media presence, this is the right choice for you.

6. KlientBoost

KlientBoost assists businesses in making more money by utilizing innovative digital advertising and efficient conversion rates. They divide their services into three major categories: Pay-Per-Click (PPC), Conversion, and Design. A large portion of their work is the optimization of their clients’ profiles through social platforms.

A key area in which KlientBoost has a specialization is social advertising. They assist you in advertising more efficiently via Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. They also design unique landing pages to work with PPC advertisements. The company believes that Facebook advertising is more effective when testing ads and landing pages simultaneously. They will always assist their customers in designing their landing pages and testing and Facebook advertising. They can achieve their goals in a shorter time.

7. eBoost Consulting

eBoost Consulting helps you grow your business with search and social media advertising professionally managed by a group of industry experts. help companies improve their marketing strategies using Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, and Amazon Advertising.

developing world-class marketing campaigns for over 13 years and have been managing Facebook Ads campaigns for most of the last nine years.

believe that advertising on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram provides a unique opportunity to generate leads and increase sales by focusing on potential customers based on their interests, such as job titles, industries or demographics, etc. Social advertising is different from Google Ads. Social Advertising is all about targeting individuals interested in your goods or services but who may not have heard of your company.

eBoost Consulting builds and manages Facebook and Instagram advertising campaigns, emphasizing ROI according to your individual goals and goals. A process is an approach that is four steps in total:



Account Build

Optimization & Management

8. Imagine Media Consulting

Imagine Media Consulting

If you choose to partner with Imagine Media, you gain the full-service Social Media Marketing team. They divide their services into:


Newsletters and blogs

Strategic alliances

Corporate training


Video-based advertising campaigns

Digital marketing campaigns

Styling and photography

Creation of content

The Atlanta-based Imagine Media has more than 150 clients worldwide in various specialties, including food and drink fashion, bridal and jewelry, Real estate B2B, beauty and health, fitness, and even home.

9. Bastion Elevate

firstly, Bastion Elevate, a California-based company, has expertise in public relations, media relations and executive positioning, review and placement of products, However, Corporate and organizational communications and crisis communications and social media, and digital marketing for companies in different sectors including consumer and business.

Secondly, While social media is one of these categories, Bastion Elevate sees it extremely important. They know that everybody knows the importance of having a thriving social media profile that speaks to the people you are seeking to connect with and connects you with influencers and individuals who can make a difference for your company and nudge the mass or specific few. Moreover, But not everyone knows the strategies that determine how an executive or company can succeed with an online presence. Even those who understand the necessity of this do not have the time to do it right. However, Bastion Elevate believes they can assist you to “elevate” your online social media presence and watch your brand’s profile grow.

10. Abacus

Firstly, Abacus blends media, creativity, and data to grow in a mobile-first age. They started as a Facebook and Instagram Advertising agency specializing in advanced social media performance. Their first goal was to increase the ROI on their client’s paid social media ads. They claim to have become the top Facebook Ad Agency because of it.

Secondly, After two years of research, numerous tests, and millions of dollars invested on the internet, these experts found that creativity is the primary factor in social growth. The growth of social content and creativity is today’s most challenging problem. While the technology for advertising and data science can provide marketers with highly targeted opportunities, creativity has been left behind.

In the end, they developed Social Design Systems as the primary link between the brand’s identity and the marketing campaign. Social Design Systems empower advertisers to increase the reach of their mobile content through embracing concepts that create continuous, high-quality content.

Abacus is thinking about months of content, not just a couple of hero videos.

offer a range over a long time. develop strategies and produce productions that result in numerous assets.

also own an animation and video production company called Dayjob, specializing in live-action videos that stop your thumbs photography and 3D animations.

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