Connecting Your Great Room and Patio with Stunning Granite and Quartz Countertops

Summer is the perfect time for epic celebrations with friends and family. Your open concept home in Perrysburg supports the fun with its large kitchen and family room that opens onto your deck or patio. But how do you turn those indoor and outdoor spaces into a unified design? Choosing matching granite countertops from The Countertop Shop is a smart way to start.

Joining the Natural Beauty of Outdoors with Your Kitchen

Stone surfaces such as quartz and granite countertops offer a wide appeal in part due to their natural color and appearance. When you use them in your Toledo kitchen and bath, you bring a bit of the outside world inside. On the other hand, when we decorate our patios and decks, we often opt for bright colors in plastic and paint. Your countertops are also the largest horizontal surfaces in both areas, making them an intuitive focal point.

If you choose the same granite for both your indoor and outdoor kitchen, you build on that connection through the French doors. It helps to soften the visual barrier between your two types of decor.

Granite and Quartz Countertop Options that Work Inside and Out

Since granite is a naturally occurring material, it is well-suited for outdoor/indoor applications.

It is important to discuss your intended use for any stone with our granite experts. We want to make sure that your outdoor cabinet bases are suitable to withstand rain, snow, wind, and sun. Our installation team may select a different adhesive to connect the stone and supporting cabinetry.

Also, some quartz slabs are not manufactured for use outside. Indoor quartz may use resins and colorants that react with lots of direct sunlight, which can fade over time.

However, when you coordinate with our professionals, we can help you select a stone that offers the versatility and long-lasting durability needed for your project.

Easy Care for Protecting Your New Countertops

How do you maintain an outdoor granite countertop? It is just as easy as cleaning your kitchen countertop. Before you open your patio for summer entertaining, seal the granite or quartz as you would inside. For daily use, grab a soft cloth and a bit of dishwashing soap. In the fall, apply another layer of sealant to protect it from Ohio’s winter weather. The stone will maintain its polish and resist stains while you celebrate the winter holidays indoors.

Are you ready to take your open-concept living in Toledo to the next level? Give us a click or call at The Countertop Shop in Monclova to schedule your personalized tour of our expansive showroom. Together we will find quartz or granite that will unify your indoor/outdoor spaces and provide years of beauty and enjoyment. We offer a full-service countertop experience including sales, fabrication, and in-home installation by our team of experts.