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How Much Does It Cost To Make An App Like Uber in India?

Taking into account the progress of taxi-booking applications like Uber, making a comparative ridesharing application is a truly productive thought in present circumstances. Here, we have ans wered all those questions and more.

What is Uber and How do I develop a Similar App?

Uber is one of the leading taxi-hailing services all over the world. You can learn from them and build your Uber-like app. 

How Uber Works Step by Step?

Step 1: Choose to request a car instantly or schedule it for another time.

Step 2: Set an end destination and select a vehicle with an appropriate price range.

Step 3: add your payment information

Step 4: Driver receives the details that the user confirms

Step 5: Driver can choose to accept or reject a request

Step 6: Customer waits and tracks the movement of the vehicle

Step 7: The payment transfer automatically after the ride is complete

Step 8: Customer can provide ratings based on services rendered

Recreating the Functionality In an Uber-like App

We can classify the Uber app into three major parts, namely:

Passenger App: For customers to book a vehicle, pay for the ride, and track movement.

  • Registration
  • Taxi Booking
  • Price Calculator
  • Tracking
  • Payment
  • Push Notification
  • In-app Messaging and Calling
  • Review and Rating
  • Travel History
  • Support

Driver App: Drivers can check for cab requests, view payment history, and notify their availability.

  • Driver Verification
  • Trip Alert
  • Navigation
  • Delivery Reports
  • In-app Messaging and Calling

Admin Panel: To monitor all the transactions, activities, new user requests, and notify in case of new deals or discounts.

How Long Will It Take to Build an App Like Uber?

  • iOS Version: 326-342 hrs
  • Android Version: 366 hrs
  • Admin Panel: 169 hrs
  • Design: 174 hrs

What Factors Influence the Uber App Development Cost?

  • Features: The complexity of the application increases the cost of developing the application
  • Number of Platforms: Choosing between iOS, Android, or both can influence the total cost price of the app development.
  • Technology: Choosing between native or hybrid framework can increase the cost.
  • Developer team experience, location, and rates: The experience, location, and rates of a developer greatly influence the cost of development.

The Overall Cost of Uber-like App Development

  • Passenger App: ~$64,600
  • Driver App: $39,400 – $41,000
  • Admin Panel: $34,300
  • Total: $138,300 – $139,90


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