Disposable Camera Can Make Your Wedding an Amazing Event

Weddings have been an event with so much fun. Couples and their families make special plans to enjoy it the most. Photoshoots and videography have added to the pleasure of weddings these days. Not just professional photographers but guests and relatives who capture fun memories with their mobile cameras.

Mobile cameras take nice selfies but as they aren’t full-purpose cameras, their batteries run out soon and only a few expensive ones let you capture wide-angle shots. That’s why a disposable camera remains among the best options to shoot memorable moments at your wedding.

It is cheap and easy to use. Later in this reading, you are also going to learn about how to get disposable photos on your phone as well. So, stick with me till the end.

A disposable camera is the best tool to capture fun moments at your wedding. Everyone in your family even children can grab it and make some really cute images.

Let’s see how you can make your wedding memories beautiful with a disposable camera:

1.    Pocket-Friendly/Almost Priceless

Yes, you got it right. Keeping in mind the high prices of smartphones and digital cameras, a disposable camera is economical. Sometimes priceless. Most of the disposable are available for under $20 and even $10 which means you can buy them in bulk and have a lot of fun at your wedding with your family and friends.

2.    Ease In Use

The disposable camera is super easy to use. Not just that the disposable cameras come with minimum functions such as a winding wheel, a flash charge button, and a shutter button. That’s it. Yes, that’s the whole operation a disposable camera got.

All you need to do is charge the flash, press the shutter button, and wind the film to the next stop to capture a new shot. This way, every one of you can become a photographer. Excited.

3.    Reliable

You need not take extra care of a disposable camera. You may get worried about holding your mobiles or other expensive cameras tight to avoid dropping them or saving them from dust or water. Whereas, a disposable camera lets you enjoy a stress-free wedding occasion.

The simple design and function of a disposable camera make it a reliable option. It may get dropped repeatedly which won’t harm its function. The only that could be damaged is that its flash may not work properly. You would still be able to capture wedding moments in daylight or special wedding lighting arrangements.

How to best utilize disposable cameras at your wedding

Although disposable cameras come in handy concerning their functions and price yet you need to take a few steps to best utilize them:

1.      Don’t forget to turn on the Flash

This is the most important thing to remember before shooting with a disposable camera. Because without flash, those tiny machines cannot perform well. Therefore, try to turn on the flash while taking pictures with it. You can also give yourself some hints to remember it as engaging your family members or friends to remind you.

Or, you can put a label on the camera reading TURN ON THE FLASH. This way, every time you look at it for shooting, you would remember to turn on the camera flash. And make every moment of your wedding super memorable.

2.      Planning When to use a disposable camera

It is important to know when and where to use a disposable camera. You can have a plan with family and friends about when and when not to capture images with your disposable camera. You can make the most out of it during intervals of major happenings of your wedding. For example, it would be appropriate to shoot with it after dinner and drinks are served.

If you want to capture the most fun and happy angles then the best time to take it out is when your wedding guests are not involved in any formal. You can capture some informal, relaxed, and fun activities at the wedding as otherwise the guests may get ignored and the film wasted.

I like to capture spontaneous moments with a disposable camera at weddings. What do you like to capture? Share in the comments.

3.      Get your family and children some disposable cameras

As disposable cameras are cheaper, you can arrange some units for your family and friends’ children. As kids flow with creativity and love to support elders. They can contribute some of the most amazing images with a disposable camera.

Try it out. If it works, good enough. Otherwise, you won’t have to be worried about directionless wandering children that can ruin your wedding cake with their uncontrollable movements. A disposable camera can keep a naughty kid very busy. I am planning to do this trick at my wedding for sure.

4.      Get the attention of your guests before shooting

As a disposable camera film comes with limited shots, make sure to use it the best way. It would be of great benefit if you inform your guests so they can face the camera and make an interactive image. It can be done during some formal activities of your wedding as dinner servings or toasts, etc.

5.      Get A Disposable Camera for yourself

It is your wedding. Your big day. Always keep a disposable camera with you to take photos of your partner and vice versa. Both you and your partner can take turns taking some funniest and most memorable photos. To me, it is the most exciting thing to capture photos of my wedding.

Getting disposable photos on your phone?

You are probably thinking about how to get all those memories on your smartphone as you can’t always carry photo albums with you. Well, don’t worry. Here are some quick and reliable ways to do so:

1.      Receiving via WhatsApp/On CD/USB/Drive & Dropbox

WhatsApp has come a long way concerning media sharing. At its launch, you could share only a few MBs media files. However, now it allows you to share a maximum of 2GB of media including images and videos. Sounds great.

You can get your disposable photos developed and receive them through WhatsApp. And it will be directly downloaded to your computer (via WhatsApp web) and smartphone at once.

Moreover, if the images are huge in number and your smartphone memory can’t have them, you can also receive them on CD, or USB drive or get emailed them to you. Also, you may be receiving your disposable photos directly in your Gmail drive or drop box.

2.      Scanning Developed Photo Albums

You can scan your disposable pictures with a routine office or home scanner. It’s an easy process and you can do it well by yourself.

All you need to do is to place your photos, one by one, in the scanner mirror, put the lid down, and press the scan button from the scanner app installed on your computer.

This way, you can scan and save either every picture separately or make a combined scrollable pdf file. The scanner app also allows you to save every picture one by one or add (+) more pictures and save them at the end.

After saving, you can send those images to your Gmail drive, drop box from where they can be easily downloaded to your smartphone.

3.      Disposable Negative Scanning at Home

Yes, it can be done as well with a little technical know-how. You need to place the negative on the scanner mirror along with a simple piece of white paper at the back of the negative, facing the scanner lid. Also, keep a bright lamp or torch about 4-5 inches away from the negative and let the lid open.

Scan and save. Then open it with the photoshop option ‘positive exposure’ and you’ll get your photo developed. From then on, you can follow the process of getting it on your phone as mentioned earlier.

4.      Simply Take Snaps with your Smartphone

This is perhaps the simplest way to get disposable pictures on your smartphone. However, it requires your disposable film already developed by photo lab experts.

You need not worry about the quality of the snaps as many apps offer to correctly position and adjust the photo colors automatically. You just need to take the snap and the app would do the rest.

Concluding Thoughts

A disposable camera is a great fun way to make your wedding day an amazing one. It is affordable and comes with the simplest functions so that every one of you can become a photographer. Even your family kids can have great fun with disposable camera shooting and their cheaper price lets you buy some for them as well.

However, you need to remember the basics as turning the flash on and handing the camera over to somewhat responsible members to utilize it well.

Lastly, the age of technology offers you multiple ways to get disposable images in soft form so you may enjoy your wedding day without any worries. Good luck with your wedding.