Enhance the Manufacturing Process with Spiral Conveyors

A spiral conveyor serves as a good option if your products need to travel across different elevations. These machines work as a space-saving measure for many manufacturing centers worldwide. 

They ensure the smooth movement of goods while minimizing the risk of damage.

A spiral conveyor system also provides warehouses and distribution centers with greater floor efficiency. These systems convey all kinds of items without the pre-lift staging and product orientation. If you’re searching for compact elevating solutions, here’s everything you need to know. 

Do You Need a Spiral Conveyor System?

Are you expanding your operations but have a tight budget? Are you low on floor space? If your business requires material handling, a spiral conveyor may be your best choice. It is an affordable system that helps you cut down overhead costs and save time. 

A spiral conveyor helps address many problems that are common with long-distance hauls. They transport goods in a vertical line in smooth transitions. This material handling equipment has a helical design. It has a moving table-top belt that moves products over aisles, across machines, and between floors.

Such machines are perfect for multi-level warehousing, order picking, and product manufacturing applications. They can be custom-made as per industry standards. They help with distribution, food processing, packaging, and general manufacturing. Additionally, they boost your material handling operations with:

  • An open or enclosed design for transporting goods. This way, they can ensure safe mobility of materials that are sensitive and need special handling
  • The ability to transport liquids, semi-liquids, and powder-based materials. Such items may be rigid or flexible in nature, size, weight, and capacity
  • A modern design that uses less floor space compared to traditional conveyors. This can help you save on your remodelling costs and rental fees
  • Annual checks and upgraded designs to ensure improved productivity and reduced maintenance costs

Benefits of Spiral Conveyor Systems in Manufacturing

Besides food manufacturing units, a spiral conveyor system works well in automation. Other industries that use spiral elevators are chemical plants, pharmaceutical agencies, and foundry. They require little maintenance and ensure minimal downtime. These systems also have easier installation procedures compared to traditional conveyor belts. 

Here’s why you should get one. 

Helps Maximize Floor Space

Spiral conveyors work by elevating and lowering products from a height. This process helps maximize vertical sections inside your workplace. 

Since the device offers various configuration options, it creates more room on the production floor. A good example of a moving elevator is a wedge conveyor. This material handling system moves materials along a straight path, in a U shape, or through a loop. 

Entrance and Exit Options at Many Levels

A spiral conveyor can suit different manufacturing spaces. They are a cost-effective option because they have small footprints. It also offers flexible solutions for moving goods across horizontal sections.

Facility managers can connect key processes in their production line with a spiral conveyor system. To achieve this, the conveyor belt creates many entrance and exit options. It also allows easy transport of materials in and around tight corners. 

Customized to Fit Your Needs

Spiral conveyor belts feature different belt types for specific applications. Designed with customized configurations, they can dry, cool, coat, or condition materials. Depending on the conveyor’s configuration, you can choose a reliable supplier.

A spiral conveyor system offers other functionalities besides maximizing floor space. These functions include jacketed spiral flights to enhance machine performance. Some conveyors install vibration technology to reduce scraping caused by jams. 

Here are some common types of spiral conveyors

Accumulating Spiral Conveyors

This conveyor machine has different accumulation zones, each with an independent control system. It ensures product accumulation to and from different levels and outlets. It allows tremendous use of floor space since it reduces delivery downtime. It can also merge products from different pathways into a single line of transit. 

Continuous Chain-Slat Spiral Conveyors

This spiral conveyor system consists of one drive unit, ensuring easy to use. Installation is simple, and all it requires is a power connection. These conveyor systems work best for moving goods through heavy inclines and declines. This conveyor belt also serves as a cheap option for warehouses that are tight on space. It has a few transition points and is often configured into an oval-shaped pathway.

Helix Belt Spiral

This is an accumulating incline/decline conveyor system. The design features a series of 90- or 180-degree belted sections merged together. It reduces tracking issues since the belt stays put on the outside radius. Conveyors with a helical curve offer greater flexibility in terms of layout. They can transport crates, bundles, boxes, and bottles. You can configure the conveyor with different height combinations based on your needs. 

Spiral Freezer

Such a spiral conveyor system is popular with manufacturing units of frozen goods like meat, fish, and poultry. Given its compact design, the spiral belt freezes large quantities of the product. It ensures quality by monitoring product flow. Featuring evaporators, air filters, and flow meters, a spiral freezer can reliably regulate temperature conditions. 

Boost Efficiency with a Spiral Conveyor System

Maximizing space, labour, and production efforts are essential for a successful business. A spiral conveyor system can achieve all the above owing to its compact design. If you’re looking for a spiral conveyor,  we are a reliable solution. 

If you want to optimize the layout of your manufacturing unit, hire an expert. Our professionals can design conveyor solutions for a variety of unique applications. We can help you find the best spiral conveyor system for your operations. 

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