Essential Road Safety Rules in Dubai You Must Know

A Dubai trip is considered incomplete without the thrilling experience of riding casual or luxury cars. Owning a car, especially a luxury one is not possible for low-income persons, but rental car services make it possible. Various platforms of cheap car rental with driver in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and other states of the USA are providing all types of cars at reasonable prices.

To enjoy thrilling and exciting car experiences in the city of gold, Dubai, it’s crucial to have a deep understanding of essential road safety rules. The reason is that a slight mistake or neglectful behavior can put the driver’s and other passengers’ lives at risk. Moreover, it also badly affects all other vehicles or pedestrians present around.

Violation of road safety rules can cost you heavy fines or penalties. In severe cases the UAE police can also send the driver to prison, lock the vehicle for a year or more, and suspend the driving license for a long duration. Therefore, it’s crucial to stay focused, avoid distractions, and follow traffic signs while driving in Dubai to avoid any kind of trouble.

To ensure road safety, you explore here more about road safety rules in the city of wonders, Dubai.

Essentials To Drive in Dubai

Along with strict traffic laws, rules, or regulations, various other things are also crucial to consider to ensure hassle-free traveling in Dubai. It may include,

  • To drive a car in Dubai, you must be 18 years old or above. And if you want to hire the services of any other r reputable car rental agency, you must be 20-25 years’ old
  • International Driving License
  • Passport, Visa, and ID card in case of using services of any cheap car rental with driver in Dubai.
  • City map or driving assistant apps for first-time riders

Speed Limit

Dubai roads are famous for their construction and maintenance to support speed beasts or super luxury cars. However, various speed limitations still exist to ensure road safety. Speed limits are different in different areas. For example,

  • The speed limit for highways is 100-160Kmph
  • To drive in a residential area speed limit is 50-60Kmph
  • For urban areas, the speed limit is 60-80Kmph

But often people drive at high speed to reach their destination timely or early. It results in fines and fatal accidents.

Violation of the speed limit for more than 60 Mph can not only cost you AED 2000 fine but can also dismiss your license for 12 months and lock the vehicle for a month or more.

Reaching late is better than not reaching at all. Therefore, make sure to always drive within the speed limit and in the right lane.

Keep a Safe Distance

Dubai roads exhibit a massive crowd of all types of vehicles, especially at night. And the mistake of one driver can result in the crash of all cars coming behind them. These types of incidents are common on highways where all vehicles move in a lane. It not only costs time and money but can also stop the breath of hundreds of lives.

To ensure safe driving on all types of roads, make sure to keep a safe distance to avoid any trouble and impact of any accident happening next to your vehicle.

Driving Under Alcohol Influence

Drinking alcohol during driving or driving while drunk is strictly banned not only in the UAE but in all other areas of the world. The reason is that it causes unconsciousness, which can result in serious life threats not only to the drunk driver but to all others present around. 

Therefore, make sure to avoid driving when you are under the influence of alcohol or any other drugs.


Taking phone calls, drinking, eating, or fighting while driving a car is also prohibited and violation can cost you serious fines and even prison. The reason is that all such activities cause distraction which can lead to serious accidents.


The trend of using cars for casual traveling is common in Dubai. And not only visitors but locals also prefer car riding rather than using public transport or taxis. The reason for the cheap car prices and the existence of various car rental platforms such as One Click Drive in Dubai than other areas of the world.

To ensure a comfortable and safe drive make sure to keep your car in the right condition and strictly follow the traffic rules. Do not drive while distracted or under the influence of alcohol. Always keep your essential documents in hand to deal with traffic police queries.