A boom lift is a type of aerial lift that is used to help lift workers or labourers on farms or construction sites.It consists of a bucket platform which is attached to the ground base and a hydraulic arm. There are various industries in which there is a huge usage of the boom lift. These boom lifts are used by workers to increase their vertical or horizontal reach to a particular place. It also provides support in working in different ways at workplaces. There are various advantages of using boom lifts in comparison to other lifts like scissor lifts etc. An individual should take note of various things while hiring a boom lift. This article provides a general overview of the factors an individual should consider before hiring a boom lift.

Usage of the boom lifts

Boom lifts are aerial lifts that are used in a variety of industries and workplaces due to their high reach. It is highly used in construction sites, agriculture, the piping industry, and other industries. It is especially used by painters, farmers, construction workers, cleaners, utility workers, etc. Boom lifts are preferred because they enhance the vertical and horizontal reach of the place. Boom lifts are also a good use because they add support to work in different angles at various workplaces and provide ease and comfort to the workers. For more information click boom lift hire in Melbourne.

The advantages of using a boom lift

Boom lifts are a perfect choice as they help the workers go farther and to the greatest heights as compared to other lifts. A boom lift can transport a worker up to 16-17 stories in height. Boom lifts also provide fuel choices like diesel or electricity. An individual can choose the option according to its indoor or outdoor usage of the boom lift. It provides access to inaccessible work places. Boom lifts are a perfect choice for construction workers, bridge workers, painters, etc.

How to choose the right boom lift

There are various types of boom lifts available on the market, like articulating boom lifts, bucket trucks, telescopic boom lifts, etc. An individual should consider various factors before hiring a boom lift. An individual should consider the height where he is going to use the boom lift and use the appropriate boom lift as they offer different reach to the heights. Weight is the important factor which should be kept in mind before opting for any boom lift. Location is the other criteria which should be kept in mind as different lifts approach the different access points to the location. For instance, bucket trucks are exclusively for outdoor use. Other factors which can be considered are terrain, budget, number of workers, etc.


Boom lifts are a type of aerial lift which lifts workers to different locations as well as heights. It is widely used by construction workers, bridge workers, cleaners, painters, etc. There are various benefits to using boom lifts. There are certain factors which a person should keep in mind before hiring a boom lift, like height, weight, budget, terrain, etc.