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Third-Party Repairer to Fix Your iPhone or iPad

All third-party repairs on iPhones or iPad now qualify for warranty coverage.

Previously, if you had your iPhone repaired by a third party, whether a screen replacement or a battery replacement, the repair would immediately lose your Apple iPhone warranty, regardless of how complicated it was.

According to Apple: Third-party iPhone screen repairs will no longer violate the warranty.

What is Covered by the Apple Warranty?

The Apple warranty covers manufacturing and material faults in hardware for one year. Software bugs and misuse-related or unintentional harm are not covered.

This implies that your screen won’t be covered if it cracks due to dropping it. However, you can get it corrected for free if you discover some screen kinks without apparent cause, and the one-year warranty still covers it.

Apple’s warranty includes

  • Quality and material flaws
  • The built-in display has dead pixels.
  • Damage to the enclosure (only if it’s not the result of accidental damage), the camera, the jacks, and any Apple-branded accessories that came with it.

The New Repair Policy’s Specifics

According to the new guidelines, an iPhone can still be repaired by Apple even if a non-Apple repair company has already fixed it. However, not all repairs are covered by this policy.

The user is responsible for paying the out-of-warranty cost if the third party’s repair work damages the device. Additionally, the subsequent repair cost at an Apple Store or any other authorised shop is at the out-of-warranty price if the issue is display-related.

Conditions of the Policy

This new policy is subject to several limitations. One of the reasons is that the customer will be responsible for the out-of-warranty fee if the third-party display results in the repair failing or harming the iPhone in any other way during the repair process. It doesn’t matter if you decide to replace the entire device, just the third-party component, or something else entirely.

Additionally, users will have to pay the out-of-warranty repair cost if the problem is with a third-party display, or Apple will entirely reject their request. The memo also tells staff to provide a quote for the out-of-warranty fee if a customer requests that the third-party display be changed out for an authentic Apple component.

What Does the Apple Warranty Not Cover?

  • Cosmetic Harm or Cosmetic Damage: Scratches, damaged ports, dents, and so forth are not covered by the guarantee.
  • Damage brought on by mishaps: You cannot get a new iPhone screen through the Apple warranty if you drop your phone unintentionally and the screen cracks.
  • The harm caused by using another Product: ¬†For instance, sand can become caught between a case and an iPhone, damaging the back of the device.
  • Theft: ¬†Apple won’t give you a free replacement phone if your iPhone is stolen.
  • Defects resulting from typical wear and use: The warranty does not cover iPhone batteries that wear out with regular use.
  • Contact with liquid: The Apple warranty does not cover damage brought on by contact with liquids, including water.
  • Fire: Prepare to spend a lot of money getting your iPhone repair or replaced if you damage it by exposing it to fire.

What may Void Apple Warranty?

Your device’s warranty is subject to voiding circumstances, just like any other warranty. What you should stay away from to preserve your Apple guarantee is listed below:

  • Take your smartphone apart and attempt to repair it yourself. This covers changing displays, batteries, etc.
  • Restoring your device by someone other than an Apple technician or unauthorised service provider
  • Installing software that Apple has not approved or using third-party components.

How does the Apple Warranty Work?

If you have a problem with your device, you can visit any Apple Store or an authorised service provider, or you can take advantage of their 90 days of free tech support.

You must present your proof of purchase at the Apple store, which can be either your receipt or the email you received when placing your order.

After that, they will diagnose the issue and either immediately resolve it or send it for repair. They might provide you with a replacement device if your device is beyond repair.