Gun Trader: Who Sells and Who Buys

The secrets of the Gun industry are often hidden behind the mechanisms of world politics. A business with mind-boggling figures that never ceases to be increased by the greed and cynicism of the merchants of death, who make gold deals on the skin of poor people. Some countries are almost unknown to the general public. Newspapers, radios, and televisions don’t like reporting on wars. name of many readers do not remember anyone, but it is one of the most dangerous handguns for sales on the planet. In early December last year, South African police arrested him on an international warrant after a Dutch court, his home country, had sentenced him to 19 years in prison. It took 17 years to reach a sentence, given that the crimes punished by the Court dated back to the Second Civil War of Liberia, which began in 1999 and ended in 2003.

What’s behind the weapons

A story for all. Way back in 1985 the administration of US President Ronald Reagan was embroiled in the so-called Iran-Contra media scandal. The White House, at the time very hostile to the Sandinista government of Nicaragua, intended at all costs to finance the guerrillas opposed to President Daniel Ortega. Reagan had asked Congress for funds to support the CIA-trained militias. The deputies not only rejected but approved the Boland amendment, which prohibited any type of financial commitment aimed at overthrowing the Nicaraguan government elected in consultations considered legal.

In the same period, in retaliation against the repeated attacks by the Israeli armed forces supported by the US air force and navy, the Lebanese militias of Hezbollah kidnapped 17 American citizens and 75 other people with Western passports in Beirut. The hostages were held in inhumane conditions, some were tortured and others were left to starve. US public opinion was deeply shaken.

the decision of Congress

Thus it was that to circumvent the decision of Congress and help the anti-Ortega gangs, some White House officials had an idea. Money could have been allocated to resolve the “Lebanese grievance” and sell arms to Iran, Hezbollah’s main sponsor, despite an embargo against the ayatollahs. Therefore, once Tehran’s collaboration was won, it would have been easy to induce the Lebanese militiamen to free the hostages. American morale would skyrocket and support for the administration would grow. But above all, a good part of the funds would have disappeared and been diverted to Nicaragua. The action was launched, and some prisoners were released, but the “mess” was discovered. Reagan had serious political problems, the masterminds of the scheme found themselves on trial and the United States was condemned by the International Court of Justice, In short, to understand the mechanisms of world politics one must know the secrets of the gun trader

Chinese weapons

Africa, with its immense natural wealth, is fundamental to the economies of the great powers. First of all China. With more than 10,000 companies active on that continent, Beijing is capable of producing 80 billion dollars in profits and for many years has become a leader among the commercial partners of African establishments.

In the latest report published last March by the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI), the most authoritative source on armaments, more than 60% of African governments use Chinese-made equipment.

The strategy of the People’s Republic until a few years ago separated politics from business. The Chinese bought raw materials at advantageous prices and at the same time built bridges, electricity grids, roads, and highways. Now Xi Jinping has revised the approach and so in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, in Sudan and South Sudan, or Central Africa Beijing sells arms without any hesitation, even bypassing the military embargoes that the West has imposed on Burundi, Equatorial Guinea, and Zimbabwe.

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