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 Healing Childhood Trauma through Akashic Records

All of us carry a lot of childhood traumas that, ultimately, keep us haunted our whole lives. We spend hundreds of dollars on therapists and medicines to overcome childhood trauma that fails to provide any permanent solution. Healing childhood trauma through Akashic Records works wonders to bring peace of mind and positivity that makes you a happy soul around other people.

What is trauma from childhood?

The term “childhood trauma” refers to our memories of distressing or emotionally draining experiences as children. Childhood stressful situations like the threat of death, serious injury, or sexual violence. A child’s poor childhood is cause not only by their circumstances but also by traumatic experiences.

Our childhood experiences are not take into consideration. When we reach adulthood, our childhood experiences deeply affect how we perceive and react to things. Our character is built on the foundation of childhood. It’s how we appreciate our relationships, thoughts, and the world around us. 

Trauma in childhood occurs more frequently than we may also believe. When we are younger, we typically lack a clear understanding of what is happening and how it may impede our development. 

What are Akashic Records?

The Akashic records are abstract and constitute a metaphysical library of our lives, which have been transmitt to every soul that ever exist. A trip down memory lane is what Akashic Records is like. Every person’s soul has a memory lane where all of their lives in this universe are recorded. The idea of Akashic Records Training encompasses all of our previous life experiences. 

In addition, those who can study them will learn how they got here and what happened to them in the past.

Kinds of trauma from childhood

Before taking help from Akashic Records in healing childhood trauma, it’s vital to understand the kinds of childhood trauma we face as a child.

Physical or sexual abuse

This trauma causes physiological harm and leaves psychological scars that can last for years. Any physical harm done to a child is consider physical abuse. A child experiences direct sexual acts, which constitute sexual abuse. However, sexual abuse typically does not involve the child. It can also occur when a child first notices a sexual act. An infant, for instance, was witnessing their parents’ sexual activity. Abuse of children and infants has a significant impact on their everyday well-being.

Domestic violence

This includes emotional and physical abuse when a child experiences violent circumstances at home. This kind of trauma affects a child witnessing domestic violence between siblings, adults, or parents.


Neglect uses no resources, much less those that are require. However, it isn’t as apparent as other types of trauma because it is frequently challenging to identify as an annoying experience. It includes things like ignoring a child’s emotional requirements, not taking proper care of one’s hygiene, and not offering assistance and protection in times of distress.

How are Akashic Records helpful in healing Childhood Trauma?

When your soul experiences a traumatic event, many aspects are link to subsequent experiences. It becomes difficult to let go and move on because the subconscious recall of trauma is so strong. It prevents you from realizing your full potential right away. Your soul’s traumatic experiences will be heal and restore by Akashic Healing.

We all experienced some form of trauma as children, it’s a fact. Being understood, loved, accept, nurtured, and safe are all desires of humankind. Traumatic events and negative reinforcement from childhood can affect us as adults, and if we don’t deal with them, we may act out as this wounded child from our childhood.

We discover the path to genuine healing and liberation through Akashic Healing by opening our Akashic Records and connecting with our past traumas. We admit that we were never to blame for our childhood trauma. We free ourselves from suffering for a long time under the influence of self-abuse, self-judgment, and guilt. Forgive those aspects of your past that you attribute to destroying your childhood. Instead, you look for a sign of your pain, and you’ll get right down to the root of your fear or phobia to show it. You might feel furious, anxious, receptive, unhappy, alone, or stuck in this hamster wheel of recurrent patterns.

Wrapping up

Every person is unique, and our responses to challenging situations vary. On the other hand, some activities can be strenuous. These are negative experiences from childhood. Poor experiences in childhood have devastating and long-lasting effects on children’s health and fitness. Using the Akashic Records, you can gain valuable insights about your primary purpose and sketch your future with a more extensive experience of lifestyle fulfillment. Even though anyone can access their Akashic Records, seeking soul guidance requires a planned route. Healing childhood trauma can transform our lives and personalities in a way that will not only bring joy into our lives but also make us spread happiness among people around us. For more articles click here