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How Many Monthly Listeners Does Joe Rogan Get on Spotify?

Spotify has no longer revealed unique numbers on Joe Rogan’s New Spotify Monthly Listeners. However, the company has boasted about the fulfilment of the Joe Rogan Experience on numerous occasions.

Joe Rogan may want to without problems be considered a podcasting icon in the industry. JRE has had a no-way-ending list of celebrities appearing as guests, from Bernie Sanders to Elon Musk.

Joe Rogan’s role became an addition cemented within the industry while Spotify signed a mentioned $100 million deal to convey his podcast solely to the platform.

JRE debuted on Spotify on September 1, 2020, and became exclusive to the provider in December. It fast rose to the top of Spotify’s podcast ratings after its debut. It received huge success in the 3 months after the primary episode on the platform.

Moreover, in April, Spotify admitted that JRE had “executed above expectations.”

According to Business Insider, a leaked inner e-newsletter from Spotify disclosed that the podcast accounted for nearly 5% of general podcast listeners when it turned into first released on the platform closing September. Following that, the podcast attracted nearly 3 million listeners in its first month after becoming distinctive to Spotify.

Check out Joe Rogan’s motives for hosting the podcast beneath:

Is the Joe Rogan Experience dropping its relevance?

Many enthusiasts have been disenchanted by Rogan’s one-of-a-kind cope with Spotify. Followers expressed worries approximately the switch to the platform, ranging from mid-display commercials to video podcasts that don’t guide tv insurance.

According to research by way of The Verge, earlier than going one of a kind, Rogan’s guests should expect to benefit around four,000 Twitter followers inside the week following the foremost of their episode from December 2019 to November 2020. That range dropped via 1/2 after he went solely to Spotify, indicating a drop in listeners.

Moreover, information from Google Trends confirmed that searches for Joe Rogan’s call expanded often in 2020. However, as quickly as he went exclusively to the Swedish-based platform, the number of searches dropped.


Joe Rogan is almost entirely answerable for ruining the recognition of once popular Comedy Central comedian Carlos Mencia. According to his own blog, while hosting a night at West Hollywood’s Comedy Store in 2007, Rogan delivered comic Kirk Fox as to paraphrase, a humorous man who opens on the road for Carlos “Menstealia.”

Mencia, who occurred to be inside the membership that night time, did not take too kindly to the insult. The Honduran-born comic took the mic from Fox and said Rogan would by no means dare call him a comic story thief to his face. They then had what Rogan known as a “meeting of the minds” on stage. It failed to give up well for Mencia. 

Rogan later elaborated on his blog, claiming Carlos has been a famous comic story thief within the comedy community, and those other comedians had been afraid to name him out on his plagiarism due to his Hollywood and Comedy Central connections.

He claimed Mencia’s thievery was so terrible that Comedy Store comedians even had mystery alerts to indicate whilst Mencia changed into in the room.

When the dust settled, Mencia wound up being considered one of America’s maximum hated comedians, with his plagiarism being properly documented. However, Rogan claims that he does not, and in no way did, hate Mencia. It’s possibly unlikely that Mencia feels similarly charitable towards Rogan.