How To Give Your Game An Awesome Name? Follow These Tips

Cool game names will become increasingly difficult to find as more and more games are released on the App Store and Google Play. And it’s simple to understand why you require a catchy name for your game.

How you promote your game will be greatly influenced by the name you select. It’s, therefore, one of the most crucial choices you’ll have to make before release.

A few straightforward ideas can help you develop the perfect title for your game. Then, you can choose the ideal game name using several tools and techniques in addition to these rules. For instance, using an online game name generator can be quite helpful if you are on a tight deadline.

The end outcome counts most, regardless of the method you select. The first impression a player has of your game will be greatly influenced by the name you choose.

Additionally, your first impression must be stronger in today’s market than your rivals. So, it’s clear that you just cannot take your game name for granted. To help you get the basics right, here are some essential tips to consider before you come up with your awesome game name!

How To Choose The Perfect Game Name?

One of the most crucial decisions you’ll make while creating your game is picking the appropriate name. Your game’s name will be what people will use to call them to it, how it will appear in article titles about it, and—most importantly—how it will define your game’s identity.

1. It should be short but impactful.

The desire to read a sentence is low. All you should use are 1-3 words, and you should find a way to condense it if you need to. Longer titles lead to damaged website layouts. Therefore, this also solves the problem of website optimization. If your games don’t fit the usual game name size, website owners get finicky and abbreviate (or even rename) them. On the other hand, an obscure game title will struggle to gain any recognition. For instance, if your game’s name was “Ak,” competing titles would quickly dwarf it.

2. It should be unique.

Even while it might seem straightforward, it may be more difficult than you think to choose a unique name for the app stores. However, there will undoubtedly be a title comparable to whatever you have in mind, given the vast number of titles available.

The best technique to determine this is to search for the desired title and observe the outcomes. You will have to compete against these games.

When you receive many names similar to the ones you had in mind, you must immediately return to the drawing board and create something unique. You’ll have to compete with that game’s name for rankings if your game has a similar name.

If it’s already well-established, it can be a waste of effort. It might be possible for you to surpass the current leader, but it might take a lot of work. However, choosing a different name might be simpler. You’re safe if you’re confident that the titles that appear for your game name are distinct.

3. Ensure your audience can pronounce it.

Do not make a blunder of compromising this rule. It should be obvious how the game name should sound while choosing it. Your word-of-mouth gains may suffer if you choose a game name with a difficult pronunciation.

Players will find it more difficult to search for your game in app stores if there is ambiguity regarding the name and spelling of the title. If prospective players are unaware of the game being discussed, it can harm your marketing and promotion efforts.

4. You can win points for SEO-friendly game titles.

While you can utilize the first 25 characters of your title to give your game a catchy name, you should use the remaining characters to include certain keywords to increase the likelihood that users will find your game when they conduct searches. “Game Title: Keywords describing the game, such as genre, themes, feature, etc.” would be how this would appear. The players will identify the game through its title when they search for it. The purpose of the keywords is to assist the app store search engines and guarantee that your game shows up for the appropriate search queries.

When choosing a name, it’s crucial to consider app store optimization, even if that necessitates changing a moniker you’ve grown to love. Keep in mind that getting players for your game is the ultimate goal. Go for it if changing the name just a little can bring in more players. In the end, you’ll be more pleased with the outcomes.

5. Be mindful of filler words, and stay clear with your game title.

The most crucial piece of advice for naming your game is to stay away from words that are superfluous. Your game name’s first 25 characters—which you must prioritize for ASO—must follow this criterion. These 25 characters will form the title of your game. After these 25 characters, you should put the necessary keywords that must be present.

This might seem apparent if you’ve previously given the first 25 characters of your game’s title priority. However, the word count is something that might not be as clear. It’s recommended to keep your game’s name brief, which means you should use no more than three words. If you use more than three words, you’re approaching the end of a whole phrase. Your game’s name should be brief and catchy.

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These tips will help you stay ahead of the game! Though many game developers still neglect it, naming your game right is one of the most crucial tasks of the creative aspects of your game. You can count on these tips to come up with a great name with confidence.