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How To Hack Your Cheating Spouse Phone?

In this digital era, smartphones keep everyone busy unnecessarily, increasing divorce rates worldwide. Do you also find your partner always engrossed in their electronic devices? They may be currently preoccupied with work or conversing. Keep an eye on how they use technology. While many people keep their phones hidden from their partners, the vast majority simply turn them away from others or start changing tabs, etc. These actions, while subtle, may indicate that your partner is up to something you should be aware of.

If you suspect your partner of cheating, discovering the truth as soon as possible will provide you with peace of mind and prevent you from living with regrets later on. One of the best ways to find out is to hack cheating spouse phone and check it yourself. Now the question arises how to do it? Don’t worry. We will help you through this post so just keep reading!


Make any excuse for getting their unlocked phone. You can ask them to give the phone to you to take a selfie or call a friend, or you can simply unlock the phone using their finger while they are asleep or drunk, etc. Once you access their phone, you must go to their settings and add your fingerprint. Now you can access their phone whenever you get a chance. By the time they get to know or develop any suspicion, you will already have checked their phone and collected enough proof against them.

Spying Apps

Spying apps are the simplest and most popular way to hack someone’s phone. One such app is Mobistealth. It allows you to monitor and access an Android device’s contents secretly. Using this app, you can monitor your spouse’s phone calls, texts, emails, browsing history, location, and more. Spying apps, as useful as they are usually hidden, and the target is unaware of it, leaving no room for suspicion.

Kali Linux

By using Kali Linux, you can create a malicious Android app and make your target install it. All you need to do is create a payload and send it to the target. This trojan looks like an upgrade, making your target simply download it. Once they open the downloaded file, you get access to their entire phone.

However, Kali Linux is a bit challenging for those unfamiliar with coding. But if someone is determined enough, they can learn it through YouTube tutorials.


Since all iPhone data is stored in iCloud, you can keep track of text, messages, call logs, multimedia, etc., if you have access to your partner’s iCloud credentials. However, this method won’t work for Android phones. To read the target phone’s text messages, you must have physical access to them. You can read someone else’s text messages by installing any spying app like Xnspy on their Android device. After the installation is complete, you can forget about the phone. All incoming and outgoing messages will be automatically displayed on your Xnspy dashboard.


Yes, you read right! You can hack your cheating spouse. Wondering how? Here is a list of some of the best Bluetooth hacking software. They can remotely access any Bluetooth-enabled device without informing the owner.

  • BlueBugger: This Bluetooth-enabled device attack takes advantage of BlueBug’s flaws. By exploiting security flaws, intruders can access the target device’s contact list, call log, and other data.
  • Blue Sniff: BlueSniff is a simple program that detects open and hidden Bluetooth devices. The Linux operating system powers it.
  • Super Bluetooth Hack 1.08: This application allows you to manage and access data on a remote phone via Bluetooth or infrared. Your contact list and text messages can be saved in HTML format. It will also display the status of your battery, network, and SIM card.
  • Blue Scanner: Blue Scanner can be used to spy on people nearby by sending out signals to detect nearby Bluetooth-enabled devices and then collecting as much data as possible from each one.
  • BTBrowser: BT Browser is a J2MEsoftware that searches for technical information on nearby Bluetooth devices. This database contains information about each device, including supported profiles and services.
  • BlueSnarfing: With this method, you can gain access to and steal sensitive information from your spouse’s phone. However, your target’s phone’s Bluetooth must be active. You can also shut down your partner’s phone remotely by sending a “corruption code” that causes the phone to freeze and render it useless.

Final Words

With the growing usage of smart devices and social media, people have started getting distant from their spouses and developing cheating tendencies, leaving the other partner in a dilemma. The good news is that correctly using any of the methods mentioned above can monitor and hack cheating spouse phone to determine whether they are truly worthy of your love and treasure before you lose them all and proceed for separation agreement.

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