How to Prepare UPSC by solving UPSC Prelims Previous Year Questions Papers?

Over the years, the most recommended tip for qualifying for UPSC and recognizing the nature of UPSC exams is to solve the UPSC previous year paper. The only way to practice the genuine and original question paper is to solve the previous year’s UPSC question papers. The administrating body releases the formal (official) previous year’s question paper in the form of Portable Document Format (PDF), which is accessible to all the aspirants and whosoever wants to see it. They release the question paper along with the answer key when the whole employment process for the current year is completed. 

IAS exam aspirants should solve these question papers by answering the questions to understand the level of the examination. Aiming for these exams and solving and scoring well will increase your confidence level and help you know about the most important topics and concepts from the civil services exam point of view.

Importance of Solving Previous Year Papers for IAS Exam Preparation

When you do not have the appropriate idea about the battleground, then you can’t win in that battle on that battleground.

To qualify for your exam with good scores, you must have the appropriate details about the exam pattern and should know the proper question pattern for any exams. Thus, it becomes very important for the aspirants to solve the previous year’s questions. 

  • You can evaluate your performance and overcome your fear of the exam. Many questions are repeatedly asked many times, by question-molding. Just read the question and try to solve it; you will come to know how important this was.
  • Self-evaluation is very important for qualifying for exams, and you should measure your understanding of various topics. So, you should go ahead with solving more and more questions to boost up your preparation.
  • Aspirants should have a proper strategy and should have a proper implementation of it to crack the exam. All the aspirants, who want their dreams to come true, must solve the previous year’s questions, as this gives the appropriate idea about the exam. 

Your aim should be to crack the exam with a decent score and not just to gain some knowledge. So, if you aim to crack the exam with a decent score, you should practice more and more questions. 

When you solve previous year’s papers, you get the idea about what type of questions are asked from different topics, what are those topics from which more questions are asked, and which topic is more important.

Trends in Civil Exams Paper

If you observe, you will find the level of difficulty changes every year, and it is not always the same. So, you get the whole idea about the exam, and you can prepare correspondingly. For the general studies paper, questions are mainly from current affairs and general knowledge, so you should always stay updated with current affairs, national and international.

Solving the papers gives you an idea of your preparation, and you can boost up accordingly. Thus, self-assessment is the most important part of the preparation because one person always learns from their mistakes. So, you should follow a proper preparation strategy and its implementation, which will help you determine your positives and negatives. YOu can also go through the exam preparation material provided at BYJUDS exam prep for all the latest updates on the exam and its details.


We have heard “We learn from failures, not from success” and “Practice makes a man perfect”. But one needs to practice appropriately. Practicing the UPSC Prelims question paper is very important from a practical point of view as it’s a qualifying exam. Practicing these papers gives you the feel of an examination. It helps the aspirants know the speed they need to maintain for solving the Prelims exam and the Mains exam, you get to know about the time management approach, and you can get the best techniques to solve the exam for yourself.