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How to Proceed If Your Motorcycle Key Is Lost?

Many people have probably encountered the regrettable circumstance of losing a motorcycle key. The best keychain for bikes frequently has few extra attachments. This makes them a principal candidate for misplacing.

As a result, you could wonder what to do if it seems impossible that you will ever discover your motorcycle key, at least promptly. You may have found yourself in this unfortunate circumstance. What should you do if you misplace your motorcycle key or other accessories for bike riders? There are various ways to get a new motorcycle key if you lose your old one.

Making Cylinder Code Accessible

Many folks purchased their unlocked motorcycles as projects. This is generally the case if you’re buying an older motorcycle that has not stepped out for a while. As long as you know the maker of your motorbike, getting a new motorcycle key is usually not difficult or expensive. 

So don’t let that deter you from buying a motorcycle. Replacing a key may cost a little more for modern motorcycles, but it is still achievable.

By gaining access to the cylinder code, you can replace a motorcycle key firstly and least expensively possible. You’ll need to find your ignition cylinder first—the instrument cluster between the speedometer and tachometer.

You can find the cylinder code on the side of this shaft.

The area where you insert the motorcycle key into the ignition cylinder typically has a silver shaft around it. Most frequently, there will be a code, typically three to four digits long, somewhere on that shaft.

Please note the number and a clear photo with your phone (in case you write it down wrong). To view the numbers correctly, you may occasionally need to clean it off a little. Bring this code to your neighbourhood locksmith. 

It’s a good idea to give your locksmith a call in advance to make sure they can create motorcycle keys. Though not all of them, many of them do.

Recognising the Ignition Cylinder as a Whole

The ignition cylinder of the majority of motorcycles has an identification code. However, you can find yourself in a position where the code is either missing or unreadable. You don’t need to develop any concerns. It will take a little more effort to get a new motorcycle key.

The next alternative is to take the entire ignition cylinder to a locksmith to receive a new key. To take it in, you’ll need to detach your ignition cylinder.

Make sure there is a local locksmith who can create a new motorcycle key using the ignition cylinder before you begin disassembling this. The majority can, but again, some cannot.

Two bolts hold the ignition cylinder in place. This is all while the carmakers clip only one wiring harness. You must remove those two bolts before you can unclip the wiring harness. 

The experts advise marking the wire harness so you can remember where it belongs. You can put the two bolts in a labelled baggie and store them securely to prevent loss.

A locksmith can create a motorcycle key from an ignition cylinder by taking an impression of the lock inside the cylinder. The locksmith does this by twisting a blank key inserted into the lock. The pins within will become bound, indicating where the locksmith needs to cut and file your new key.

This procedure is relatively easy and painless. You should be able to reconnect your ignition cylinder and continue driving as soon as you receive your new motorcycle key!

Complete Ignition Cylinder Replacement

The third alternative is to replace the ignition cylinder entirely if you cannot read the code on the silver ignition shaft. Otherwise, locate a locksmith who can create a key from the ignition cylinder. This choice is viable because getting a new ignition cylinder will also get you a new motorcycle key. This is still a relatively simple approach, albeit slightly unpleasant and taking a little more time.

First, follow the instructions above to remove the ignition cylinder from your motorbike. The next step is to go online and type the year, make, model, and part you require (ignition cylinder). Ensure you carefully review the photographs and read the description of any possible features you plan to purchase. Many places will advertise that their ignition cylinders are “universal”. 

Moreover, they will claim that people can use them with most motorcycles, so be aware of this. Technically, you can use them on any bike. However, doing so would require completely rewiring the ignition cylinder, which is time-consuming and inconvenient.

Purchase a specialised ignition cylinder for your motorcycle. Ensure the description states that you get the new motorcycle key with these parts. It’s a straightforward process, even if you’ll have to wait a few days to receive the part. Your first two selections are likely the best if you lack time and require a motorcycle key right now.

Bottom Line for Motorcycle Key

Some solutions for replacing a lost motorcycle key are surprisingly quick and reasonably priced. The bad news is that visiting your neighbourhood motorcycle dealership may be necessary for some possibilities. That might become costly.

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