How To Take Care Of Your Dog Between Grooming Appointments

Being a pet parent, you are entirely responsible for ensuring the happiness and health of your dog. Along with lots of playtime and regular trips to the vet, Sugar Paws dog grooming in Dubai can help keep your pooch looking and feeling his best. How frequently you should groom your dog depends on how long and thick his coat is.

You need a fix if it will be a few more days or weeks until your next grooming session. You cannot let a messy puppy run amok inside the house. Both you and your house will suffer for it. So, how do you keep your dog’s coat in good condition in between grooming sessions? Sugar Paws has some great tips for you!

Brush regularly

Using a brush to groom your pet’s coat is the easiest technique. If you don’t already have one, put a dog brush on your list of things to buy at your next pet store visit. Professional groomers typically begin a grooming session with a thorough brushing to smooth out the undercoat and avoid matting.

To help keep extra fur off your bed, carpet, and other areas of your house, you should  brush your pets at least a few times a week. Your dog enjoys getting a nice brushing, too. It will be worth it for him to spend some extra quality time with you.

Give them a healthy diet

Diet is the first step toward a healthy dog. Combining a high-quality diet with supplements like coconut oil and omega-3 fish oils can reduce flaking, dryness, and shedding. Unbelievable as it may seem, including egg yolks in your pet’s diet can be beneficial. Fats and fat-soluble vitamins found in eggs allow the skin and coat to really shine. Your dog will soon start to behave and look healthier.

Start slowly, though, if your dog is accustomed to a particular diet and you want to switch things up. When introducing your dog to new foods, you should be cautious. Use supplements sparingly if you do decide to include them.

Additionally, ask your vet for advice and precautions before starting any new diet or supplement regimen. Some foods may cause greater sensitivity in certain dogs than others.

Invest in a waterless shampoo

It’s safe to say your dog enjoys spending time outside. Particularly after you’ve just finished giving them a bath, they enjoy playing in the mud and getting messy. Your dog doesn’t understand or care that you’re trying to maintain a tidy home. They just want to goof around and have fun.

Buy a bottle of waterless shampoo to help you get rid of all that grime and dust. Waterless shampoo is a foam-based product that you can use to spot clean dirt or apply directly to the fur. Apply a tiny amount to a damp cloth, and then easily scrape the filth and grime away. Dog wipes are also a great way to get rid of dirt and mud.

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