Introducing AI-Powered Document Verification Solutions-Goodbye to Scammers

Some very advance and reliable technological innovations have been seen in recent years. Smart solutions to the daily problems in the work environment. That has been integrate into almost every workplace, regardless of undevelope countries or cities. The major problem every other department faces is authenticity in identity or document verification. To detect fake or fabricate documents, artificial intelligence and machine learning concepts are integrate into document verification solutions. The original document verification process is require by every sensitive department, including real estate, and finance. And government institutes, travel, and human resource departments. and can never be compromise.

Verify your identity at anytime

Document verification process companies provide businesses, and departments. And other government sectors with a quick and easy way to verify customers’ legal information through global Global document verification software and modules. The applications of these systems are really easy to integrate or install, and authenticate documents. And verify customers from anywhere around the world in a matter of seconds. The online document verification service and process help to verify a customer or business’s identity using government-issued legal documents such as photo ID and facial biometrics. The world is engaging in a smarter era of digital development now. So, as a result, more efficient and reliable ways of being observe by authorities are implement. 

Quick and Efficient 

No matter where document verification solutions are use, all it takes to access online services more quickly is a selfie and a picture of the user’s government-issued ID. The image is quickly examine and verify by the authorities.  Follow the instructions from the document verification solutions provider, snap a selfie for comparison and a photo of the issued ID documents, and it’s done! 

Key Features of Smart Document Verification Solutions

Authenticity and Originality Checks

The authenticity of the document submit by the potential customer is confirm by AI and ML models. 

Identification of the documents

The extracte format of the documents can be recognize by AI-backe document validation solutions.

Readable zone code validation

Carries out the assessments to see if the field has been change or manipulate.

Governmental Verification 

An AI-power solution for document verification examines the microprint to confirm the legitimacy of the document.

PIxel change authenticity

Detection of forgery indicators, even if it can spot small pixel-level changes.

Metadata checks 

Extract the metadata that is store behind your files, including the file size, modification history, and the programs use to create them.

Use Cases


One of the most frustrating issues that banks, payment processors, and credit companies must handle is identity fraud. 

Government Institutes 

Verification of the authenticity of certificates provide to government agencies

Travel and Hospitality 

Automat identification and COVID-19 document verification is require for airlines, airports, hotels, travel agencies, and other travel partners. 

Human Resource 

In terms of pre-employment screening, identity verification is the most crucial procedure.

Real Estate

Verification of the legitimacy of passports and other documents proving ownership of real estate that is being sold or lease. 


Verification of identity cards and passports at borders to validate the person’s citizenship.

Part of Document Verification Solutions to obstructed fraud

Financial regulatory organizations like FATF, FinMA, FINTRAC, and others have establish document verification solutions that businesses are urge to follow in order to reduce the likelihood of crimes occurring. These rules direct businesses in conducting thorough customer due diligence. This is primarily accomplish by thoroughly examining customers’ supporting documentation to confirm their identity and reduce the chances of fraud and scams. Banks, financial institutions, government agencies, or embassies follow document verification solutions primarily in person.  However, with the help of these particular document verification solutions power by artificial intelligence, the process is now easily complet thanks to technological advancement.


The document verification software is capable of accurately distinguishing between various types of fake, fraudulent, and counterfeit documents.  The accuracy of the digital document verification is 98.67%, which is much higher than that of the more common manual document verification. Customers can quickly verify themselves in the convenience of their homes and workplaces, saving time and resources. The document verification solutions have the ability to validate thousands of different types of documents from around the globe.  Due to this, it is able to verify customers who have foreign documents from any location in the world. 

Document verification solutions power by AI are widely use by modern banks, financial institutions, e-commerce businesses, airports, etc. to reduce fraud and scam cases.  These document verification solutions not only enable companies to comply with the financial regulatory authorities but also assist them in authenticating customers.