Late Night Driving Tips for Safe Driving in the Dark

Driving is an art, especially for those who frequently drive at night. Late night driving is something that not many people risk doing. Instead, they opt to stop at a highway motel for the night or something. And for a good reason! Driving at night requires special attention and focus. Those at the wheel after sunset should never underestimate the nature of night driving or overestimate their skills at the wheel. And that does not mean people should fear driving at night. However, it is wise to acknowledge the danger during that time. 

Late night driving is dangerous because the majority of road accidents happen at night. And although driving generally presents a lot of risks, driving at night usually presents ones that drivers might not face when driving during the day. For instance, shorter days and compromised night vision are something drivers have to face when they are driving after the sun sets. In addition, night driving is dangerous because our eyes are terrible at seeing at night. They have poor depth perception, peripheral vision, and the ability to differentiate colors. After all, we aren’t as talented as owls or bats! Therefore, we must ensure to get some best car accessories to make driving more safe and comfortable.

Furthermore, drivers practically drive blindly in the dark, especially if there is a constant glare from headlights from the cars in the opposite lane. Of course, on brightly lit highways or roads you are familiar with, it isn’t hazardous driving after the light fades if you are focused and alert. But, on roads that do not have a streetlight and are unfamiliar to you, it becomes quite risky to drive as you need to be even more focused and alert than usual. Plus, in bad weather, it is challenging to drive at any time, but more so at night. 

Additionally, you are probably fatigued after returning from a party or a long day at work. So, it is best if you are not at the wheel. The reason is that almost 90% of human reactions depend on vision, which is diminished at night. Consequently, at night, while driving, your vision gets limited to about 350 to 500 feet, even with high-beam headlights. Thus, it gives you less time to react to road hazards at night. And add to that your fatigue, you are bound to get drowsy, and the risk of an accident increases tenfold. 

But, for people with night shifts or any other reason, if you cannot avoid driving at night, we have some tips and handy gadgets for cars that might help.

Tips for late night drivingĀ 

Late Night Driving

Drive with extra caution – Driving, in general, requires utmost focus, attention, and alertness from the person on the wheel. But, all that focus, concentration, alertness, and caution must be multiplied when driving in the dark. Drivers must be aware of their surroundings and pay close attention to the road and other vehicles. They should be aware that risks and dangers on the road become exaggerated after dark. Drivers should avoid any distractions and fatigue at night time. And if they do feel exhausted, it is best to either hand the wheel to someone else or stop and take a rest. 

Use headlights – It is, of course, an obvious one. Using headlights after dark is paramount. Drivers must turn on their headlights almost an hour before dusk. It will not only make it easier for them to see as the sun sets, but it will make them more visible to other drivers on the road. Additionally, during bad weather, when it becomes almost as dark as night, they must always keep the headlights turned on. However, they must avoid using high beams when it’s unnecessary to help other drivers on the road to see better.

Clear your view – The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) says that a dirty or damaged windshield scatters light and increases glare. Likewise, a dirty or damaged headlight decreases visibility and casts glare onto other drivers. Therefore, it is best to frequently clean the headlights and windshield for driving safely at night. There are even special cleaning kits for headlights to easily clean them.

Lower the speed – It is tricky to see at night, even with the headlights. Thus, drivers need to drive at a speed lower than they usually would in the daytime to avoid unnecessary accidents. Additionally, drivers’ reaction speed is slower than usual when driving during the night as their vision gets limited. So lowering the speed is a wise choice.

Observe the street signs – Street signs are reflective at night. So, it should be easy to see them and other road markers in the dark. However, if you are driving in an unfamiliar area, it is best to pay more attention to not unknowingly miss them.

Other essential tips when driving in the dark – Regular headlights work adequately for well-lit streets or roads. However, you must turn on the high-beam ones in darker areas to see clearly. But turn it off when you see an oncoming vehicle ahead. And also while driving behind another car. Also, look out for wild animals as they frequently roam on rural and dark roads. Besides, most accidents involving animals happen at dawn or night. Also, be careful of other drivers on the road, as you might often encounter drivers driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs during the night. 

These are the basics a driver should keep in mind. But, to make driving in the dark safer, various car gadgets can also help you. Devices assist with driving in the dark, make visibility better, help with drowsiness or fatigue, give alerts if you go above the speed limit, or that display everything from speed, time, or fuel level right on your windshield. Let’s look at a couple of them.

Useful Car Gadgets for Late Night Drivers

Lanmodo night driving assistant

Lanmodod night driving assistant is the best companion when driving in the dark. It has an eight-inch,1080p high-resolution full color HD display. Thus, it makes vision “crystal clear” at night. In addition, Lanmodo is one of those cool car gadgets when driving in foggy or rainy weather and heavy traffic. Besides that, it gives you a view of up to 300m ahead and a 45-degree wide HD view of the road. 

Furthermore, the Lanmodo night driving assistant is cost-effective compared to other night vision devices. In addition, installing it is pretty easy without the requirement of complicated equipment. And, you are good to go!

Laser tail

Car laser tails are an excellent way to prevent collisions at night time. The device makes your vehicle visible to other riders behind you. You can usually secure a laser tail on the license plate at the back of the car. It is much similar to a car’s rear light but with increased light intensity. 

As the name suggests, a car laser tail throws off a red light, illuminating your vehicle’s back. Thus, any other vehicle driving behind you can easily see your car even if it is pitch black. In addition, it makes your car easily discernible to other vehicles in foggy or rainy weather. 

Besides, the car gadget isn’t that expensive and is extremely handy. By installing a laser tail on your vehicle, you might be avoiding minor collisions that have the potential of turning into significant accidents. Better get one now!

Hudway drive

Hudway drive

The Hudway drive is a heads-up display for the car, which is pretty handy when driving in the dark. Moreover, late night driving requires eyes on the road. Hence, it prevents collisions or accidents due to inattention on the road ahead. 

A driver must stick the gadget on the dashboard and plug the Hudway drive into a 12V lighter socket or a USB port. The adhesive keeps it securely in its place and additionally leaves no trace when removed. 

Furthermore, the companion app, available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store, acts as a control center for the device. The night vision camera of the Hudway drive enables drivers to see 1500ft ahead. In addition, it serves as an excellent backup camera when drivers require rear parking assistance. And also as side-view cameras right in front of you. 

Besides, you can link the gadget with the phone app and get every information from your phone, camera, and cars. Thus, drivers don’t need to check multiple devices to keep track of everything and instead focus more on driving. Lastly, you can customize what to see on the Hudway drive heads-up display, from incoming calls and messages to speed and real-time directions.