Love Today What You Need to Know About Dating Sites

Today it works like this: you sign up, most of the time you pay (if you’re a woman, not so often), and then you choose the model: tall, dark, rich, etc! But is it really that easy?

Obviously, the answer is no! The truth is, it’s not that easy at all. Basically, those that define themselves as dating sites, in the vast majority of cases, are actually entertainment sites (very similar to those in which they perhaps tell you how to win back the partner). Many sites define themselves as such directly in the terms of use, providing, precisely for entertainment purposes, also the use of operators / operators and / or bots (fake automatic profiles) who act as if they were real users of the site. To identify the most reliable and effective sites, it is good to consult specialized sites from this page, a dating portal between women. You can also find portals that review dating sites and therefore collect impressions and comments from users who use these sites.

How many types of dating sites are there? And which ones to choose?

Beyond the sector/niche they target (young people, over 50, divorced, etc.), we can essentially divide the different sites into two large families: “free” applications with geolocation and paid sites. But what are the differences, and when should you choose one type over another?

Free applications: they work with geolocation, that is to say they only display profiles close to you that you can reject or “approve” from time to time. When two profiles “like” each other, the chat is activated and you can proceed to organize the meeting. They are basically based on physical attraction only and tend to be effective especially for handsome guys. They also offer paid features, such as increased visibility and things like that. Being free, they could be suitable for a beginner who wants to test the world of dating, but beware if you are looking for love, they are probably not for you.

Paid Sites: Although the cost may seem like a downside, it actually ensures that only people who are really interested sign up. Generally they are very sectorialized, so you will find sites where all the profiles are looking for love, and others where you are only looking for casual encounters. Usually they allow you to create your own profile and browse those of others for free, but they do not allow contact between users without subscribing to a subscription (which usually costs a few tens of euros per month) or the purchase of packages of credits. These sites are recommended for those who already have some experience in the dating industry and are fed up with the usual mass sites where it is statistically easier to come across human cases…