Make a logo for a beauty salon

The sphere of beauty is one of those spheres in which there are many small companies, entrepreneurs and private cosmetologists, hairdressers, manicure masters, etc. In this regard, there is a huge competition and oversaturation in the beauty niche, so it is very important to have a high-quality logo that will distinguish you from the competition. The original logo for the beauty salon not only symbolizes your services, but also forms the opinion of customers about quality.

But you can stand out not only by the logo graphics, but also by the name, it also plays an important role.

1. Title

The name of a beauty salon is not just a sign above the door, but a memorable name of your institution that literally cuts into the memory of the client. The client, having come once, should remember the name in a month, when the hairstyle grows. By name, the salon should be easy to find on the Internet and advise friends. The profit of a beauty salon depends on many factors, and the name does not always directly affect this. Of course, a sonorous name is a great way to attract the attention of customers, but one name is not enough to keep them.

The main criteria in the selection of names for beauty industry establishments:

* Associativity;




*Easy memorability.

2. Icon.

   What do we associate with a beauty salon? Of course, with grooming, attractiveness, style and femininity. This is what they try to reflect in the logos of the beauty studio. Therefore, most often on the emblems of companies in this direction, images of beautiful girls with styled hairstyles and a beautiful manicure are used.

   You can reflect the specialization of your salon through a thematic icon. For a nail extension studio, it is optimal to choose images of varnishes, manicure tools, well-groomed hands, etc. Thanks to these pictures, passers-by will know basic information about your salon from the first seconds and will decide whether you are suitable for them. It is not necessary to choose a thematic image. Abstract elements like flowers, butterflies, face silhouettes, patterns, etc. also look advantageous. However, in this case, you should indicate the specialization of the salon with the help of text.

3. Font.

   The main name can be strict and dense, and the slogan can be soft and airy. And each visitor will attract their own visual meanings. For example, a strict font reflects the stability and quality of services, a serious approach to business, etc. A “soft” slogan will complement the care of each client, hint at femininity and beauty. Pay attention to their readability, a lot of people sin by this. They staged a race for monograms and patterns, forgetting about readability. Then they wonder why word of mouth does not work, and the logo is thrown into the trash of memorability.

4. Color.

   The color scheme depends on the target audience. If it’s a women’s salon, you can use soft tones like pink, if it’s a man’s, then black, blue. But in any case, it is advisable not to use flashy and aggressive colors. These include bright red, orange, etc. Especially if this color occupies a large area. It is better to use calm, perhaps dark or light colors as the main ones, and scatter bright accents if necessary. But again, we proceed from a competitive environment. In fact, the solution can be anything, if you approach everything wisely and without excesses.

5. Conclusion.

   The process of creating a logo is very time-consuming, perseverance and patience are needed here. You need to be attentive to the little things. Take into account the smallest details and nuances. Be sure that the resources spent will meet your means and expectations. If you value time, then Turbologo is at your service!!!