New Orleans Homes in Different Styles

If you’re in the market for a homes for sale in New Orleans, LA, you’ll want to consider the wide array of different architectural styles. You can choose from French-Colonial homes in the Garden District and Carrollton to elegant Greek Revival mansions in Uptown. In addition to these styles, you’ll also find Creole Cottages and Double-gallery houses.

Creole Cottages

Most Creole cottages were square or rectangular in shape and were elevated one or two steps from the banquette. They differed in the treatment of the roof extension on the front facade. The first variant had an almost flat roof extension supported by iron bearers at the roof line. In the second and third versions, the extension was formed by an upturned roof or was incorporated into the roof line. The interior of the Creole cottage was typically one story with a porch at street level.

These homes are characteristic of two neighborhoods in New Orleans: the French Quarter and the Faubourg Marigny. While many of them share the same architecture, the details and colors are unique. Some of these homes are over 150 years old, and the owners may have added to them or altered them in other ways. If you’re considering purchasing one of these unique houses, you’ll be able to find many listings in the Crescent City.

Double-gallery houses

A double-gallery house is a two-story house with three exterior openings, usually at the front. They are built on wide, deep lots and are generally higher than other houses in the city. They have distinctive columns and are found in several neighborhoods throughout the city, including Uptown and the Garden District.

These houses have distinctive, intricate facades, and are typically no larger than half a city block. Their design is a blend of architectural styles, ranging from Renaissance and Baroque to Art Deco and Greek revival. Some buildings are 19th century, while others date back to the early 1900s.

The French Quarter is known for its eclectic mix of architecture. This city’s architecture is a mix of European, Caribbean, and American designs. The city’s most famous neighborhoods are known for their slim, three-story buildings. Many of these homes feature balconies on both levels and are supported by imposing columns.

Greek Revival style

The Greek Revival style is a classic architectural style that originated in ancient Greece. It is often associated with white-washed exteriors, piazzas, and large decorative windows. These homes also feature ornate trim, sidelights, and transom windows. They are typically painted white and often feature a large central hall with rooms on either side. Some houses even feature grand staircases.

New Orleans is home to many buildings of various styles. For example, there are many Greek Revival style homes, but there are also many other styles. Many of these homes are mixed with Italianate styles and other styles to create a unique, modern look.

Uptown mansions

If you want to make a splash on the real estate market in New Orleans, you may want to take a look at one of the many Uptown mansions for sale. These homes have been meticulously restored, with beautiful moldings, fireplace mantels, and original grand staircases. Moreover, they offer plenty of natural light, and come with two wood-burning fireplaces. Besides, they come with a huge yard and a hundred-year-old oak tree. You’ll also have enough space to install a pool if you like.

The Uptown area is very accessible. It has a plethora of public transit routes, including the historic streetcars on St. Charles Avenue. In addition, there are a number of bike-riding byways throughout the area. Moreover, many of these homes come with off-street parking facilities. Street parking is also always available.

Central Town/Garden District

The Central Town/Garden District in New Orleans is an area known for its historic beauty. The district is renowned for its unique architecture and opulent homes. The neighborhood, which stretches from St. Charles Avenue to Magazine Street, is a living museum of history and architecture.

The Garden District is home to opulent mansions and modest townhomes. Its architecture spans Greek Revival, Victorian, Italianate, and Gothic Revival styles. The district also includes numerous historic buildings that can be found along Prytania Street.

The Albert Brevard house is considered one of the most beautiful Greek Revival mansions in New Orleans. It was built by a commission merchant in 1849 and owned by two generations. The original house had cedar-lined closets, protective lightning rods, and a 9000-gallon cistern. Although it has four bedrooms and two servants’ rooms, the interior detail reflects the richness of its owners.