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Outdated parenting advice you can ignore

Parenting doesn’t come with a comprehensive manual. Sure, there is plenty of information out there, but there is just as much misinformation as well.

The journey for the first-time parents is rather hard, as they try to navigate the difficult terrain of parenthood. You will find plenty of advice cloaked in critique as to how to raise your baby.

Whereas some of the advice is usually good, most is either based on anecdotes without proper logical ground or is no longer relevant.

It’s important to note that for all medical advice, you should stick to that dispensed by the Best Pediatrician in Lahore, as they have the soundest knowledge with regards to the health of the baby.

For other matters, there is nothing wrong per se about trusting your friends and family with information, however, there is a small chance that it may be outdated, especially if it relies on the old evidence that is based on the wisdom from the previous generations.

Parenting advice for babies that is outdated

Babies need dead silence for to sleep

It’s a myth that babies need silence for to be able to sleep. This advice is not only incorrect, but it can cause much distress to the family, as they walk on eggshells around the sleeping baby.

However, babies can sleep through noise as well. When they were in the womb, they were listening to all the noise still. Hence, you needn’t be extra careful around your baby, but naturally, to prevent them to getting startled, make sure the noise is not too loud.

Don’t comfort the baby when they are crying

People think that if you always comfort the baby when they are crying, then you may be spoiling the baby. Unfortunately, this is not a good approach. Infants don’t have the ability to understand complex emotions, so, they are not playing mind games when they cry.

On the contrary, when you just let them cry, it makes them feel abandoned. Hence, do not leave the baby crying, but comfort them. Give the solace that you are there for them.

Don’t let your child stand or bounce on your lap

It is often perceived that infants should not be made to stand on the lap of the parents, as their legs can then become bowed. However, this is not true. The action of standing actually helps in making the leg muscles stronger. However, make sure that your child is not in distress when you are doing this.

Feed the baby at fixed time

Another piece of outdate advice is that children should be fed on fixed schedules only. However, for infants, this advice is not correct. Babies cry and signal whenever they are hungry, and therefore, parents should listen to the baby’s demand for feed.

Put babies facedown to sleep

The rationale behind this piece of advice was that babies might then choke on the mucus, or if they throw up during the night, they mightn’t then choke on the vomit.

However, not only is this advice outdated, but rather dangerous as well; putting babies facedown increases the risk of sudden infant death syndrome, or SIDS. Instead, out the baby on their back.

You should wake up and change your baby during the night

Often, it is said that babies should be changed during the night. However, there is no need for it if the diaper is of good quality and the baby has not pooped.

Sunscreen is bad for the babies

Sunlight contains UV radiation that is dangerous for everyone’s skin, especially babies. However, the old wisdom suggests that babies should not wear sunscreen, which is not correct since they are then vulnerable to skin damage.

So, ask your child specialist in Maroof International Hospital which sunscreen is best for your baby, and make sure to put it on before taking them out in the Sun.