Penile Enlargement Surgery: Everything Men Need to Know

It’s a common complaint for most men that they would wish to change the size of their penis. To some men, the penis defines their masculinity, which is a major reason for them to consider penile enlargement. One of the most opted surgical procedures men choose to change the size of the procedure is penile enlargement surgery.

Some also consider penile enlargement purely for aesthetical purposes, and others may consider it a corrective measure for penis-related issues. Though penile enlargement surgery has become one of the most common surgery, there are only a few doctors to perform it. If you have thought about penile enlargement surgery, here is everything you should know about it:

What is penile enlargement surgery?

Simply put, penile enlargement is a surgery to make your penis appear larger in size. It is one of the most prominent surgery you can do for penile enlargement. You can see the procedures trying to enlarge the penis by doing the following:

  • Surgery to make your penis wider.
  • Surgery to make your penis longer.
  • A surgery known as Liposuction is done to make your stomach smaller so your penis may look larger.

Penis size: What’s normal, what’s not?

The fear that your penis may look small is common. But many men who fear that their penis is too small actually have a penis that is typical in size.

The length of the erect penis doesn’t consistently predict the length when the penis is non-erect. If your penis is about 13 cm (5 inches) or longer when erect, it’s a typical size. It is considered small only if it is less than 7.5 centimeters (3 inches) when erect. This condition is known as micropenis.

 Who needs penile enlargement surgery?

There can be medical reasons for penile enlargement surgery if you have a micropenis or buried penis. The micropenis is a small penis, and it is the condition you are born with. A buried penis is a condition in which the penis is hidden under your skin from your thighs, stomach, or scrotum.

This can happen when you are older, or you can be born with it. People with these conditions seek surgery to restore a functional penis.

Penis enlargement surgery procedure

There are different kinds of procedures used to make the penis appear bigger. However, there are very few reliable methods that work, like penile enlargement surgery. The common procedures performed are:

  • Penis enlargement using autologous fat: The fat is removed using Liposuction, and the fat is then injected into the penis to increase the circumference.
  • Ligamentolysis: Surgically cut the suspensory ligament that connects public bone to the penis.
  • Penis enlargement using dermal fillers: Cosmetic fillers are injected under the skin of your penis.
  • Implantation of the pneuma device: This consists of soft silicon, and it is placed under the skin.
  • Surgical removal of suprapubic fat pad: The fat tissue around the penis is removed surgically with the buried penis. This doesn’t increase the penis size but reduces the size of the tissue around it. It will reveal the true length of the penis.

Penis enlargement cost

The penile enlargement surgery cost in India is between $1500 to $4000, and it will vary with the type of procedure and the doctor. The cost may increase depending on the technicalities involved. Penile enlargement surgery is not covered under most insurance policies as it is a cosmetic procedure. You should also consider the cost of taking leave as the penis surgery recovery can also take time.

The recovery and expected result of penile enlargement surgery

It takes time after the surgical procedure for the penis to heal. Doctors may advise you to get 30 days of rest without engaging in any intense physical activity. They will also recommend a 60-day period without any sexual activity after the surgery.

You will have to take the medicines as prescribed for your postoperative recovery period. The penis will be wrapped in brown tape or Coban for seven to eight days. It will then be rewrapped for one month to prevent fat clumping.

Things that could help 

  • Keep in touch with your companion: It could be difficult to change ingrained behaviors or to bring up sexual preferences with your partner. The spark it creates in your sex life may surprise you, but you will be happy you did.
  • Get in shape: Your penis may appear shorter than it is if you are overweight and have a “beer gut” due to the additional abdominal fat. Exercise on a regular basis can really help. Strength and endurance during sex can be increased with better physical conditioning in addition to making you look and feel healthier.
  • Consult a counselor or your health care practitioner: It’s normal to feel unhappy about your penis size. Your family doctor or a mental health professional can offer assistance.

The benefit of penile enlargement surgery 

You may experience many benefits after undergoing enlargement surgery. Some people have said that they feel more stimulated during intercourse. In that situation, a small penis may not have satisfied the partner. But after the procedure, some men feel more confident about their bodies.

Other benefits include the perceived high esteem with the increased width or length. Many have renewed their sense of masculinity and improved their sex life.

Is it worth it?

Penile enlargement may be expensive for some, but it is effective. It has been performed with different men, with the same result of the increase in the size and thickness of the penis. Some have reported an increase in their sense of sensitivity.

It has become the only way to increase the size of the penis at the same time, giving more positive results. The surgery is worth doing, but it all depends upon the individual’s need for penile enlargement.

Final thoughts

It is a serious decision to take penile enlargement surgery. So you should understand the process involved in it to make a correct decision. The above-said points can help you with making a decision and make sure you get a qualified doctor for the procedure.

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