Plan Your Best Move: Moving Company Types.

Do you call the first moving company you find when you move? Does every moving company need to be different? Almost.

Many companies offer complementary services, E Home Mover, but most specialize in meeting their client’s needs. Moving companies can handle residential, international, and small-load moves. To choose the best moving company.

Commercial Movers

Commercial movers move businesses. They move offices and warehouses. Commercial movers use specialized packing techniques, tools, and technology to ensure a smooth move.

Most movers specialize in residential or commercial moves. Some firms offer both. Ask the moving companies for residential and commercial estimates during your interview.

Residential Movers

Residential moving companies near you move everything from your heirloom china to your toolbox. Get estimates for packing, loading, or a full-service move. Most moving companies are residential.

Local Movers

Professional movers charge by the hour for packing, loading, unloading, and unpacking local moves up to 100 miles within the same state. A four-person moving crew costs $1,400 or $100–$200 per hour.

Depending on your home size, a large team of movers or two to three staff members could move your items. Check local movers’ licenses, price estimates, and online reviews before hiring.

Long-Distance Movers

Cross-country movers are best for long-distance (usually over 100 miles) or interstate moves. Long-distance moves cost $4,000–$10,000.

Long-distance moving companies charge by weight, distance, and specialty services like extra packing materials, not by the hour like local movers.

To find the best movers, TheMoveMe, interviews at least three companies. Long-distance moves require a licensed, insured, and USDOT-approved company.

International Movers

International moving companies manage customs and insurance forms, sea and air freight logistics, and much paperwork for cross-border moves. Because you pay by cubic feet or meters, ship as few household goods as possible. Moving abroad costs about $20,000.

Due to their language skills and knowledge of international import laws, you should research and interview several international moving companies before moving abroad.

Specialty Movers

Some of your belongings need special care to get to your new home. Some moving companies can move your special items, so tell them. If they still need to, they can recommend specialty movers.

Hire specialty movers to move these items.



Aquarium (with live animals) (with live animals)

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Safe sports gear

Small-Load Movers

Online shopping sparked new shipping options for a few large items. Small-load moving companies can deliver your online auction dining set or your nephew’s first apartment sofa. If you need a local small-load moving company, UPS or FedEx can help.

Residential Movers

You need a local moving company to move your home. Ask them to customize their moving services to your needs since moving isn’t a one-size-fits-all operation.

Complete Moving Service

Consider a full-service moving company if you want to delegate on a moving day. A full-service move includes disassembly, packing, unloading, and unpacking at the new house. White glove household moves cost the most.

Partial Moves

Save money by doing some moving chores. Most moving companies offer à la carte options. Choose your tasks and let the company handle the rest.

Packing and unpacking: A crew expertly packs all your items. They’ll unpack and assemble your belongings at the new address.

Loading and unloading: You’ll pay the movers to load boxes and furniture at your old home and unload the truck at your new home.

Your pre-filled portable container is picked up and delivered.

Some moving companies offer storage if you need more time to receive your household goods.