5 Reasons to Adopt a Child

If you ask LGBT adoption parents “Why adopt?“, they might show you a photo of the first time they met their son. They might tell the story of the summer they taught their daughter to swim, or describe the sound of their children laughing and playing together in their backyard.

Every parent has their own personal reasons for adopting, but at its core, the advantage of adoption is simple: it builds families.

Why Do People Adopt?

Adoptive parents come from many different backgrounds and have varied reasons for adoption. Some common reasons to choose adoption include:

  • The adoptive couple has struggled with infertility and cannot safely carry a child on their own to term
  • The adoptive parent is single and is ready to start a family
  • The adoptive parents are a same-sex couple who want to raise a child together

The Benefits of Adopting a Child

While many adoptive parents choose adoption as a practical means to start their family, the effects of adoption are often more profound and rewarding than they ever could have imagined. Adoption benefits families in countless ways:

  • Adoption gives hopeful parents the opportunity to raise a child they wouldn’t have otherwise
  • For couples struggling with infertility, adoption is a guaranteed way to add a child to their family, without the emotional and financial risk involved in IVF treatments
  • Adoption allows couples and single adults to share their life with a child and enjoy the unique experience of parenthood
  • Adoption builds rewarding, meaningful relationships between adoptive families and birth parents
  • Adoption provides loving, stable homes to children who need them

While there are many reasons to consider adoption, it is not for everyone. Every family should consider the pros and cons of adoption, as well as their own readiness to raise an adopted child, before beginning the process.

Are You Ready for Adoption?

There are many advantages of adoption, but adding to your family is a big decision. If you are considering adoption, you want to make sure that it is a good fit for your family before beginning the process. This may lead you to ask, Should I adopt a child? Is adoption right for me?

If you are struggling to decide whether adoption is right for your family, or if you want to learn more about the adoption process for hopeful parents, contact A Child’s Hope to speak with one of our experienced adoption counselors.