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Stretch mark removal from Private Dermatologist UK   

You might notice that off lately you have developed stretch marks on your waist area that is visible to others and ugly looking. These are considered to be normal marks that are generally found on the human body as the person gains or grows weight suddenly. Such marks are stated to be little physical tears appearing on the tissue wiring the skin. It causes the skin to stretch.

What are the marks?

The marks that are visible tend to represent the division or tearing of collagen present within the skin tissues. But the problem is that you simply will not be able to know when the marks developed and how. You will not even experience pain, even a slight bit with its development at any time. But it can be really embarrassing especially if it is at a place where others can view it easily.

Can stretch marks be removed?

Yes, stretch marks can be removed. You should consult the top Private Dermatologist UK who can help in removing such painless, but bad-looking marks. Women generally experience such marks after pregnancy. A few develop pink marks right around the tummy region. This is due to thin skin material. Others having hard skin may develop lighter marks when compared to the surrounding area. Discussing with the specialist will allow you to know the right remedy.

Stretch marks removal

The fact is their complete disappearance does take a good amount of time. However, they tend to fade on their own with time. In about a year’s time, they get low in visibility. However, their colour tends to remain a bit different when compared to the surrounding skin. Such marks over time get whitish in their appearance while mixing with the surrounding skin colour. Fortunately, those seeking removal of marks from their body can find plenty of treatments available.

Visiting the dermatologist

You do need to consult a good dermatologist who is a specialist in the domain and has undertaken similar tasks before. After evaluating your skin condition, the professional will provide you with a cream or ointment based on the issue to treat. Applying them as instructed, properly, and timely, ensures the marks vanish quickly and without causing any damage to your skin. Breastfeeding ladies should first consult the doctor before using any synthetic powder or cream.

Taking care of the unborn baby

During pregnancy, women are suggested to not undertake any kind of activity that might hamper their health or that of the baby in the womb. Remember, the decision you take is likely to affect your baby also. Hence, before using any product for the skin, do remember to first consult a medical expert. The medicines you take might affect the baby. The same is also recommended for breastfeeding mothers.

Different elimination methods

There exist diverse ways and means to eliminate stretch marks. However, the remedy to avail will be mostly determined by the size as well as the degree of the issue faced. Figure-conscious women might want to avail vaccinations and surgeries to remove the marks. A few women might not just care about the marks and leave it as it is. These marks do not pose any danger to health, but only visually disturbing to those affected.