The Best Bristol Community Colleges in UK

Every year, the Government and charitable organizations invest about £3 billion in supporting community colleges. The following list aims to provide a comprehensive breakdown of some of the best Bristol community colleges:

Langton College

 Langton is an excellent Bristol community college with an impressive history. Founded in 1883, it has helped many students get A-level qualifications and even degrees. With its “energetic” working environment and “open-mindedness”, this school offers lots of opportunities for students to foster their talents. In particular, Langton College has a wide range of courses on offer, including ones related to music, law and social sciences. Sign in to AccessBCC utilizing this location

BCC Admissions:

The college’s address: Langton Court, Birch Vale Avenue, Southmead, Bristol, BS10 5NN.

Course fees range from £1,500 to £2,500 per year. Apart from that, students are also required to pay extra for materials or books which vary depending on level of study and subject matter.

Students are also required to pay registration fee of £100 too.

Interesting facts about BCCC:

Bristol Community College has three campuses: Cotham, St. George and St. Thomas. 

It is affiliated with a number of vocational training bodies including the National Council for Vocational Qualifications (NCVQ), National Open College Network, UCAS and Access to Higher Education Diploma (AHED in Partnership with Edexcel).

Bristol Community College has been ranked as one of the top ten community colleges for delivering extraordinary education in large-scale surveys conducted by The Guardian and The Sunday Times. 

The college has also won Excellence Awards for Teaching and Learning for its innovative approach to teaching students across all age groups.

BCC Student Life:

Students at Bristol Community College can enjoy a number of student clubs and societies, including the following:


In this club, students can learn about computers and internet. The group is open to members who are interested in coding, micro-controllers or robotics. Membership is open to anyone between the ages of 14 and 18 years old. 


This club is dedicated to encouraging activities that suit students’ interests in every area of sport such as volleyball, badminton and basketball. A team of teachers work hard to provide additional support such as sports training sessions or trips out on weekends.

Applying Early to BCC:

If you have a son or daughter between kindergarten and 4th grade, you might be wondering if there is a school, college or other type of educational program that best suits their needs.

Early application is an option for high school-aged children as well as those who are looking to enroll in middle school. Early application allows students in BC schools outside of their catchment area apply to the catchment area school during the summer. Depending on the catchment area’s availability, students will be accepted into that year’s incoming classes.

Please feel free to contact your child’s current school if they are unsure which program would best suit their needs at this time and would like more information on early admission options.

BCC Acceptances:

BCC is committed to enhancing the opportunities for students with learning disabilities to access education.

BCC believes in offering individualized supports and inclusive programming that address your child’s unique needs. BCC seeks to foster a welcoming, safe and caring environment in which all individuals are valued, supported and encouraged to succeed.

How to Apply:

To apply for Early Admissions or to know the applications and procedures go to:

Students applying to BCPS schools who are currently enrolled in a BC public school and plan to attend another school need to complete the Early Admission Application Form. This form is available from the following websites:

BCPS accepts assessment results from the Provincial Assessments (PSA) for students who leave for an out of catchment school. Students may wish to complete an alternative assessment if suitable programs are not available in their catchment area/school, or for special needs students as required by legislation. If you would like more information about alternative assessments, please contact your representative on education issues.

Group Rates:

BCPS schools offer group rates for students attending multiple schools. Please contact your representative on education issues for details of the available programs.

BCPS Group Rates:

BCPS offers a wide variety of different groups to accommodate the needs of students with and without disabilities, as well as those students considered to be at high risk.

The following groups are subject to government approval:

Students in these groups may be eligible for transportation and/or accommodations through BCPS, depending on their individual needs. For more information, please contact your representative on education issues or ask your school’s administrative assistant.