The Return Policy of WalMart


Walmart Almost without exception, yes (with just a few exceptions). Since we know that sometimes a product isn’t what you expected, we established a flexible return policy. No matter whether you shop with us online or in-store, you’ll treated the same way regarding refunds:

When making an online purchase, please note that your return window will begin counting down once the item has received.

The restocking period begins with in-store transactions. Keep your receipt close at hand.

All online purchases, including those made via Marketplace sellers, are covered by Walmart’s return policy. Purchases made through Marketplace sellers are eligible for a refund within 14 days.

All purchases may returned to Walmart within 90 days. walmart black friday sale are the largest sales of the year.


Policy on returns at Walmart Keep in mind these qualifications:

· 14 Days

Video game consoles and handhelds, computer games, wireless prepaid phones, and tablets, laptops, monitors, printers, camcorders, digital cameras, GPS systems, wearable devices, and more.

· 15 Days

Having a phone service agreement is a must. Statutory. Conditions aboard carriers are unpredictable. Make preparations.

· 30 Days

Televisions, DVD players/recorders, home/portable audio systems, headphones, portable video players, telephones, flammable items, tents, pools, air conditioners, mattresses, MP3 players/iPod/iTouch, pre-recorded music, movies, software products, ink cartridges, air mattresses, breast pumps, drones with GPS function, outdoor power equipment, disposable contact lenses, eye glasses from Walmart Vision Centre, perennial live pl

Retail purchases made either in-store or online that need a personal visit to a Walmart distribution center for return.

Power tools for the yard: Walmart’s gas-powered tools are store returns only.

To return potentially hazardous Walmart goods, please visit a retail location. Potentially dangerous substances include chemicals, pressurized gas, and liquids.


Scheduled return delivery is required for any Walmart items above 100 lb. ca., including king and queen size mattresses, large appliances, and more.

Jewelry orders above $40 must be placed by calling 1-800-328-0402 to speak with a customer service representative.


Video games, computer games, portable video players, headphones & portable audio, pre-recorded music, movies, software products, ink cartridges, disposable contact lenses, air mattresses, breast pumps, GPS-enabled drones, personal care items (feminine care, hands & feet, incontinence, massage & spa products, men’s grooming, oral care, and woman’s hair removal), and drones are all eligible for a full refund at Walmart.


When it comes to returns, Walmart has some strict guidelines for items like prescription drugs, Walmart gift cards, third-party gift cards, prepaid phone cards, ammunition, fireworks, pierced earrings, special order jeweler, photo custom services, lingerie, swimwear with the hygiene liner removed, sexual wellness products, family planning products, clearance items (except Walmart private brands), trading & collecting cards, annual live plants, and bulk landscaping supplies.


Since Walmart’s return policy prioritizes product quality, the store is the exclusive location where alcoholic beverages may exchange.


Absolutely! Except for the following categories, Walmart’s return policy ensures your satisfaction with your purchase of children’s clothing, exclusive brands to Walmart Canada, fruit, meat, and seafood.

Must have a receipt

Baby and kid’s attire (excluding accessories)

Sizes 0-16 for clothing; sizes 0-10 for toddlers and 11-13 for boys and 11-13 for girls for shoes.

Clothing and footwear for kids may replace if they become worn out before they outgrow them. The size and cost of the replacement item will be the same as the original.

No time restriction on fresh produce, baked goods, deli meats, and seafood Grocery Online refunds for delivery purchases are only available within three days of the delivery date.

Only Walmart-brand products cover; no time limit (except for ONN/Black Web purchases, which are covered for a year from the date of purchase).



Any Walmart will accept the return of non-Walmart merchandise with a value under $150 CAD, with few exceptions. If you want to return an item that costs more than $150.00 CAD, you must contact the third party seller directly.

If you need products in these categories that are not made by the seller, please get in touch with them.

– You can’t sell them in stores.

Powerful, outdoorsy gear that runs on gas

– Danger Hazardous materials (i.e., substances that might be harmful to human health or cause harm in other ways, such as chemicals, compressed gas, or liquids)

Transportation of Heavy Items Anything that weighs more than one hundred pounds (such a king-size bed, an upright freezer, or a set of drawers)

If you’re returning a product to Walmart that wasn’t purchase from them, sure to save the original packaging and order number.

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Policy on returns at Walmart There is a 30-day return period for anything purchase from third-party merchants, except electronics. There is a 14-day refund policy for the following items:

Technology such as desktops, laptops, tablets, monitors, printers, cameras, digital cameras, gps receivers, wearables, game consoles, and video games


Phone cards that are pay for in advance

Postpaid contract phones may returned within 15 days after purchase. No longer are postpaid phone contracts renewable. Statutory. Conditions aboard carriers are unpredictable. You can read more about the strategy here.


You may return eligible items to a Walmart location or contact the seller directly for return instructions if the vendor’s return policy is met.

These conditions do not apply to any products sold in stores or online.

No returns on sale items.

Prescription medications, prepaid phone cards, ear piercings, bespoke jewelry and photo services, a swimsuit without a built-in hygienic liner, underwear, a sack lunch, a thermometer, and a tampon case.

Unopened packages

Video games, computer games, portable video players, headphones & portable audio, pre-recorded music, movies, software, ink cartridges, disposable contact lenses, air mattresses, breast pumps, drones with GPS, personal care products (feminine care, hands and feet, incontinence, massage & spa products, men’s grooming, oral & genital care, and women’s hair removal), and car seats are all eligible for a full refund at Walmart.

Outfits for the Hallowed Occasion

Any unworn or unused Halloween costumes purchase in-store or online have until October 31 to return for a full refund.


The food offered by third-party vendors at Walmart is non-returnable. No Walmart store or vendor will take back perishable food items. If the item you receive is broken, incorrect, or has expire, please contact the vendor to request a refund.


There are exceptions with certain vendors. If you have any questions regarding the return policy, you should contact the vendor.

Expenses for returning an item directly to the retailer may required.