The Ultimate Bed Buying Guide; How to Choose the Right Mattress?

You have your Hilton Ottoman Bed in place and your room is now coming together. The excitement of a new bedroom is certainly unmatchable. But once the bed is sorted out, you need to head out to navigate through the stores to buy a comfortable mattress for yourself.

You can have the prettiest and most stylish bed in your room; but if the mattress isn’t comfortable, your night’s sleep can go downhill easily. There is a huge debate between springs and foams, different sizes, and much more, which definitely makes mattress shopping a bit daunting.

But you can now skip the worry and follow our tips to get the best mattress for your stylish Monaco bed. Just remember, that a mattress that did wonders for your friend, doesn’t necessarily have to work for you as well. Always put your comfort and needs at the forefront, to make a rational buying decision.

Things to Consider when Buying a Mattress

You must consider different aspects before buying a mattress. Most importantly, doctors state over and over again, that your spine must stay aligned when you lie down. If your spine is aligned properly on the mattress, it will never be comfortable for you.

After that, you can consider other elements like your budget, durability, convenience, etc. let’s dig a bit deeper into the details.

1. Types of Mattresses:

There are innumerable options in the market these days. Each mattress varies in its firmness and comfort. Likewise, the prices vary too. For instance, memory foam and spring mattresses are the best and most common choices these days. But in the end, it all comes down to what feels congenial to you.

Memory Foam: This type of mattress is great for offering pressure relief. This is because they are designed to adapt to your body type and weight. If you are a side sleeper or you experience back aches, memory foam mattresses are the best for you.

Hilton Ottoman Bed

Latex: Latex mattresses are almost similar to memory foam but are often categorized as organic mattresses. They are usually quite expensive. And they have a bouncy feel to them instead of the regular “sinking in” one.

Innerspring: If you like firm mattresses, then innerspring ones are a great pick for you. They are best for stomach and back sleepers as it keeps their spine aligned perfectly.

Hybrid: These mattresses converge latex and memory foam and give a foam bed feeling. They are heavier and more costly.

2. Firmness:

Next, you have to consider firmness. Mattresses are either soft, medium, medium-soft or medium-firm or completely firm. The best ones usually range between medium to medium-firm as soft and extremely firm mattresses, both can be problematic.

However, you have to keep your sleeping position and body type into consideration while choosing the firmness level. For instance, for side sleepers, a medium or soft mattress is fine. But if you are a stomach sleeper, then a firm mattress would feel the best to you or a medium-firm one.

Likewise, heavier people tend to sleep better on a firm mattress. Thus, discuss your sleeping position and body type with the mattress retailer and pick one that suits you perfectly well. Brands usually have a soft to firmness level scale to define the levels. This makes it easier to make a pick.

3. Concerns:

Lastly, if you have any sleeping concerns or issues that you want your mattress to address, then you must consider them before making the final call. For instance, if you feel really hot while sleeping, you can now invest in a built-in cooling technology mattress. There are several cooling covers available too.

Address your concerns before investing in a mattress because this is a considerable investment and you don’t want to ruin your night’s sleep.


Buying a mattress should always align with your comfort and less with your budget. It will define the quality of sleep you will get. Thus, invest wisely in the best quality mattress, according to your sleeping requirements.

We hope this guide helps you and you are able to get the best Hilton ottoman bed or Monaco Bed and a mattress that fulfills your needs perfectly.