These 5 Top Models of Rotiform Wheels are Winning Hearts & Minds Across the United States!

While Rotiform Wheels has always hogged the headlines, perhaps the last time it made a really major splash was in 2021. That year, the Ferrari 488 GTE, one of the finest endurance racing supercars of all time, won the grueling 24 Hours of Le Mans. And that Ferrari was flying on a set of high-tech rims from Rotiform!

It was a major coup for this company, established in 2009. Rarely has an aftermarket wheel specialist won such a distinguished honor. 

This is a brand that takes a lot of pride in its engineering prowess. As for the style quotient, Rotiform has always been noted for clean-cut and distinct designs that stand out amidst a sea of competitors. These rims are geometrical and aesthetic wonders.

Now that 2023 is here, you might just be planning to upgrade to a brand-new set of Rotiform Wheels. The company has several notable models designed for city and suburban use besides max-adrenaline off-roading.

Let’s take you through the 5 most popular rims from Rotiform at the moment. 

Rotiform’s 5 best rims for daily use

All these models are carefully crafted using aerospace-grade 6061-T6 aluminum alloy at the company’s plant in California.

  1. Rotiform R120 SPF: The SPF range of cast Monoblock rims had an excellent 2022, and the R120 was leading the pack. This is a cost-efficient, stylish, high-durability, and no-nonsense aftermarket wheel meant for city driving. It has 10 spokes that are cleverly wedged into 5 blocks of 2 each; this gives even the 18-inch model an illusion of being bigger than it actually is.

The 18-inch model in a mirror-polished silver is highly recommended by most experts. The rims are surprisingly lightweight; between 24 and 26 pounds each. The diameter is just perfect for hatchbacks, sedans, small and medium SUVs, and most compact family cars.

If you own a small VW, a Honda or a Nissan, and bigger BMWs, the R120 SPF should be ideal. Also, this rim has extremely attractive machining on the face making it even more desirable. 

  1. Rotiform R110 BLQ: The R110 BLQ scores as highly on style as it does on performance. And we can testify to both these aspects, since we had loaned a set of these rims (19-inch ones) in a sophisticated machined silver. Rotiform Wheels only has a silver finish to offer although there is some speculation that a sibling in matte black is en route.

We had been visiting our favorite retailer (AudioCity USA in California) where some of the best experts we know recommended this model. We used it for 3 weeks on our aging 2006 BMW E60 520d.

The performance upgrade was almost unbelievable! We stuck with the 19-inch models that was big and wide enough to hold in the custom TPMS. It was a fun 3 weeks, to be honest.

Try out the R110 BLQ for your latest Cadillac Escalade or your rickety but trusty VW Jetta – and everything in between. This is a modern classic.

  1. Rotiform R141 RSE: The R141 is a cast alloy rim that’s comparatively newer than the previous 2 models. Its most attractive feature is the removable central cap and the stunning matte anthracite finish, a very elegant and sophisticated color that has been tried by many manufacturers but never elevated to this stature. 

The first time we saw a set was some months ago; it was a last-generation Scion xB. While the rims themselves looked tiny when compared with the massive vehicle, it still brought out the best of the xB.

We later learned it was a set of staggered R141 RSE in 20-inches. 3 other sizes are also available, but most people fall for the 20-inch variant in the stunning matte anthracite! 

Plus, it’s just 26 pounds, super-easy to maintain, and carries a series of warranties – like all Rotiform Wheels

  1. Rotiform R122 SPF: The R122 SPF is the best-looking rim for sedans-in our humble opinion. If you start with the 19-inch model (silver and the gloss black work equally great) and swap the OEMs from any sedan you own, the style IQ would go up north sharply. This 10-spoked rim is a fashion statement first!

From what we have heard in various aftermarket circles, the 19-inch R122 SPF is made for (some say exclusively for!) cars like the Audi Q7 or the A4, Range Rover’s Sport editions, and Volvo’s XC-90. 

Perhaps the best example of how extraordinary the R122 SPF is demonstrated in the sheer numbers of Tesla Models X and Y and the Roadster that their owners fit out with these superb aftermarket rims. That’s classy!

It also helps to know that the 19-inch R122 SPF works and looks just as good on SUVs.

  1. Rotiform R140 RSE: This list would remain incomplete if we ignored the diminutive R140 RSE. Its 17-inch frame with machined lips and center panel, imaginative spoke design, and fabulous performance coupled with superior savings on fuel makes it a formidable force to reckon with.

Every aspect of the R140 RSE showcases the superior engineering capability of Rotiform Wheels. It looks and works absolutely without a hitch on old and new models from Honda, Lexus, BMW, Mercedes, and almost all major EV brands.

It also has a slightly concave build, ensuring that it will withstand a bit of off-roading better than most models.

We are only torn between which finish is sleeker- silver or matte anthracite!

Before we go

Please purchase your set of Rotiform Wheels only from reputable and highly respected outlets. The US market has recently seen a boom in fake rims that look nigh identical!