Tips for a Successful Turkey Visa Application


When applying for a Turkey visa, knowing the requirements and steps necessary for a successful application is essential. To begin, applicants should check the specific visa requirements for the type of visa they are applying for. Additionally, applicants should ensure their passport is valid for at least 6 months from the date of intended travel. Submitting all required documents on time is also essential for a successful visa application. These documents may include a valid passport, completed application form, passport photos, proof of financial solvency, and travel itinerary. It is also essential to know the processing time, which may vary depending on the type of visa requested. Lastly, applicants should double-check all information they have provided on the application, including contact information and passport details, to ensure accuracy. Following these steps can help ensure a successful Turkey visa application.

Turkey Visa for South African Citizens

South African citizens wishing to visit Turkey must obtain a visa before arrival. The Turkey visa for South African citizens is available as an eVisa and is valid for up to 90 days within 180 days from the date of issue. The eVisa can be applied online and requires specific documents, including a valid South African passport with a minimum validity of 6 months from the date of arrival in Turkey, a passport-sized photograph, and proof of onward/return travel. Upon successful application, the eVisa will be delivered electronically in PDF format. It is important to note that the eVisa does not guarantee entry into Turkey, as the final decision lies with the immigration authorities at the port of entry. A Turkey visa for South African citizens is required for all South African citizens wishing to visit Turkey. South African citizens need to obtain the correct visa before traveling to Turkey. 

Turkey Visa Types

Turkey offers various visa types for tourists, business professionals, and those wishing to stay longer. Tourists can apply for a 90-day single-entry e-Visa, which is available online. Business professionals may apply for a Short Term Business Visa, valid for up to 6 months. Those wishing to stay for a more extended period may consider applying for a Residence Permit, valid for up to 1 year. All visa applications must be accompanied by a valid passport, relevant documents, payment of applicable fees, and the relevant form for the visa type being applied for. 

Applications can be made online or in person at the Turkish Embassy. It is important to note that visa requirements may change, so applicants should always check the Turkish Embassy website for the most up-to-date information before submitting their application. Turkey offers several types of visas for those wishing to visit the country. Tourist visas are valid for up to 90 days and can be obtained online or at a Turkish embassy or consulate. Business visas are also available and are valid for up to 180 days.

 Study visas are available for those wishing to study in Turkey for more than 90 days. Work visas are available for those wishing to work in the country for longer than 90 days. Transit visas are also available for those passing through Turkey on their way to another destination. All Turkey Visa Types except the transit visa require a valid passport and proof of sufficient funds for the duration of stay. Additionally, some visas may require additional documents such as proof of travel insurance, health report, and proof of accommodation.


Whether you are applying for a visa to visit Turkey or planning a trip to Turkey soon, following these tips can help your application process go more smoothly. Following these tips will increase your chances of being approved for a visa and have an enjoyable and safe stay in Turkey.