Tips for your profile picture on online dating sites Be as natural as possible

The profile picture is the first pillar of online dating sites. You were right to worry about it since the percentage of attraction hides behind your image. You know that according to Nikon’s Happn, that photos taken in selfie mode attract fewer people, which must absolutely be avoided on dating sites because, as the name suggests, your goal is to meet people so you might as well do an effort on this point. Here are some of the golden rules for a successful profile photo.

The points to take care of

For an attractive profile photo, pay attention to the way you take a photo, although it is your beauty that you must take into account when it comes to online website:

• Release a joie de vivre: The simple advice of the moment is to remain as natural as possible. Give an impression of liveliness. An air of someone who wants to fill and commit. Take care of your smile, showing the most beautiful, attractive and lively. Did you know that more than 80% of respondents are potentially attracted to profiles showing a beautiful smile.

• Show personality: Show off your originality in your photo. You have to express the photo with your authenticity. Do not fear with your imperfection because people in dating sites tend to hide his imperfection for fear that no one will find him attractive. On the contrary, it can make you more attractive than all the platitudes of dating sites. The whole point of subscribing to a site is to be able to find the right person and meet them in person, so sooner or later the imperfections you are trying to hide will eventually come to light. So, in order to avoid any regret, it is better to be honest from the start.

Mistakes to avoid

We have collected the points that can disturb whoever consults your profile picture in some app:

• Blurred photo: Make sure your photo is clear and sharp. When we visit someone’s profile it is to see their face and not the objects around them. Instead, take a good-quality, eye-catching photo.

• Bustier photo: You can post a selfie or a bustier photo except that the standing photo is a preference for a dating site. Reveal your person and hide nothing. Avoid photos that hide a part of your body, which people find suspicious.

• No photoshop: Don’t pretend to be perfect by removing your imperfection. Think again, nobody loves photoshopped photos, it seems too superficial, the natural remains in the top of the favorites.

• No companion: Whether friends or animals, avoid surrounding yourself. People will have a hard time differentiating who owns the account among the people in the photo. Also, pets can be the main cause of not approaching you, fixating on your person.