Top 10 Engineering Colleges in India | Ranking, Fees, and Placements

If you are searching for a list of the best engineering colleges in India for the year 2022, you can see them all below, sorted by NIRF rating, placement, and tuition. In India, almost 65% of students are preparing for engineering as a profession.

Whether you are wanting to do an undergraduate or postgraduate you must get admission to an engineering college. And to do UG you need to clear JEE exam and for PG you need to appear in the GATE exam to take admitted to your dream engineering college.

For many students across India, engineering institutes have been the dream institutions. The best IITs and NITs are the engineering schools that offer the highest-quality instruction in the discipline of engineering. To get admission in IITs or NITs you need to score good in gate exam and you can get admission in your dream college according to your valid gate score.

The requirements and the process for getting into engineering institutions should concern all students who chose to take their higher secondary exams in the science stream and enroll in engineering colleges.

Table of contentRanking of the top engineering colleges in IndiaBased on NIRF RankingBased on placement records Based on FeesGet to know the Top Engineering CollegeIndian Institute of Technology, BombayIndian Institute of Technology, MadrasIndian Institute of Technology, DelhiIndian Institute of Technology, KharagpurIndian Institute of Technology, KanpurIndian Institute of Technology RoorkeeIndian Institute of Technology, GuwahatiBirla Institute of technology and science (BITS)Vellore Institute of technologyConclusionFrequently asked questions (FAQs)

Ranking of the top engineering colleges in India

  • Based on NIRF Ranking

Every year, the Indian government provides a rating of all the colleges in India as part of the national institutional ranking framework, which is overseen by the Ministry of Human Resources and Development. The colleges that are included in the NIRF ranking provide a comprehensive overview of the many aspects of the institution.

The MHRD expert committee develops the ranking results, and the overall ranking criterion is based on a set of guidelines that must be followed as the deciding considerations.

S. NoTop 10 engineering colleges in IndiaNIRF Ranking 
1Indian Institute of Technology, Madras1
2Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi2
3Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay3
4Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur4
5Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur5
6Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee6
7Indian Institute of Technology, Guwahati7
8Indian Institute of Technology, Hyderabad       8
9National Institute of Technology, Tiruchirappalli9
10National Institute of Technology, Karnataka10
  • Based on placement records

A major consideration for an institute is placement since India places more emphasis on the private sector. Its 100% placement rates in addition to its high-quality instruction make it a good college. A degree in engineering and theoretical understanding does not end your career. During the difficult placement periods, which are often on campus, one must endure the difficulties.

One may always join government organizations by preparing for the government examinations if they do not want to participate in the placement. The placement records do not necessarily need to remain static as the years’ increase. The prices change every year.

S. NoName of the collegePlacement ratings
1IIT, Kanpur4.8
2IIT, Madras4.62
3IIT, Bombay4.60
4IIT, Kharagpur4.51
5IIT, Delhi4.43
6IIT, Roorkee4.32
  • Based on Fees

Since there are both wealthy and poor people in India, it is impossible for all the country’s students to afford a high-quality education or to attend a prestigious institution. Most people cannot afford private engineering courses due to all these factors. In contrast to private universities, which charge much more tuition, all government institutions or public colleges offer high-quality education at far lower costs.

To paint a thorough picture of the cost of the courses, which varies between institutions, we have given the course fees for all the leading engineering colleges.

Top engineering colleges in India IIT

S. NoName of the government collegesM Tech course fee
1Indian Institute of Technology MadrasINR 8.90 lakh
2Indian Institute of Technology DelhiINR 2.09 lakh
3Indian Institute of Technology KharagpurINR 8.74 lakh
4Indian Institute of Technology BombayINR 8.93 lakh


Top engineering colleges in India except for IIT

S. No.Top engineering colleges in India PrivateMTech course fee
1Thapar Institute of engineering and technology, PatialaINR 15.50 Lakhs
2Bits PilaniINR 9.22 Lakhs
3Vellore Institute of Technology, VelloreINR 8.80 Lakhs
4Amity University, NoidaINR 7.29 Lakhs

Get to know the Top Engineering College

  • Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay

It is in the top 10 engineering universities according to the NIRF ranking criteria because it is one of India’s most well-known engineering institutions. Additionally, to have highly educated instructors, this institution uses cutting-edge teaching and practical application strategies. It is the IIT applicants’ ideal location.

The placement program and professional board at IIT Bombay are not only effective but also offer outstanding statistics for advancing students’ careers. The infrastructure is not only lovely but also equipped with every convenience, such as a staff room, library, lecture and seminar rooms, and an E consortium. You can also check for gate exam details to know more about gate exam.

  • Indian Institute of Technology, Madras

Excellent engineering instruction and technological advances have helped students develop a solid technical foundation while also boosting the effectiveness of the faculty and the students. According to the NIRF rating system, it is one of the top five engineering colleges and has a strong international reputation.

The IIT Madras GATE features all the essential amenities, such as a lovely garden that is constantly maintained and the Central Library located inside the dormitory. Physics wallah launched courses for GATE CIVIL aspirants.

There are usually pre-placement offers, and these organizations hold several workshops to recruit students due to their great technical proficiency and strong practical understanding in their area of engineering. Additionally, interaction seminars are held, and internships are another tool for the hiring process.

Jobs are provided to pupils based on their core, finance, analytical, strategic, and marketing departments, considering their average test scores.

  • Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi

Indian Institute of Technology Delhi got the second spot in the NIRF rating because of its effective faculty and top-notch course offerings. The knowledge offered is not only admirable but also enhanced technology, allowing both theoretical and practical understanding to advance at the same time.

On campus, there are a total of 11 hostels for guys and 3 hostels for girls. Each hostel has a magnificent launch, game spaces, computer rooms, and study places. Over 500 organizations visit the school to employ the students, and placements are based on a process.

More than 60% of students are chosen for offers that come with a dream package during the placement process, which takes place entirely on campus. In contrast to other IITs, it boasts a stunning robotics lab, a fitness center with swimming pools, and a central library that is constantly open. The newest technology is used in every laboratory.

  • Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur

Like all other IITs, it offers top-notch instruction from deserving instructors who have years of expertise and advanced degrees in their fields. In addition, it is completely equipped with fans that operate following campus LANs and Wi-Fi.

For the comfort of the students, it is equipped with a washing machine, and each hostel has its mess hall. The biggest offers are made to students in lakhs, and the average batch income is about 15 LPA.

  • Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur

IIT Kanpur receives praise for its extracurricular activities in addition to earning a spot among the top five universities in the NIRF rating for academic performance.

Students develop their extracurricular skills in addition to improving themselves in the field of engineering.

It provides access to a conference room and a sizable dining area for the people. The success rate for placement is quite high, and wage packages rise arithmetically each year. There are occasionally worldwide corporations that provide deals in crores.

  • Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee

Along with 14 undergraduate and 24 post-graduate courses, it offers multi-variant courses. Additionally, it offers PhD programs in areas other than engineering, including physics, architecture, social studies, and business management.

It has 13 dormitories in total, two of which are for female students and 11 of which are for male students. It also has a mess, stationery shop, salon, gym, game room, reading room, and laundry. Additionally, it makes possible the guest room that is offered in every hostel.

According to placement data, both local and overseas offers are made to 85% of the students who are fully placed. The typical sum is INR 2.17 crores. For the domestic packages, 1.92 crores, and the international packages

  • Indian Institute of Technology, Guwahati

IIT Guwahati offers highly qualified teachers and knowledgeable instruction, much like all other IITs. It has a canteen, a mess, a juice bar, a stationery store on campus, a gym, and a laundry facility.

Every IIT has a central library and a TV room. Wi-Fi connections are quite effective. Numerous basketball, football, and volleyball courts are provided on campus to improve sporting activity.

Popular firms like Google and Amazon come for employment, with packages around 20 LPA.

  • Birla Institute of technology and science (BITS)

The Birla Institute of Science and Technology, founded in 1901, enjoys a strong relationship with both the faculty and the students. In the year 1943, Pilani became the site of the first campus. Later, it expanded its outlets throughout India and beyond, including Dubai, Hyderabad, and other places.

The most well-known university for engineering and a variety of disciplines, including BE, management, B pharma, and M.Sc., is BITS Pilani. The Birla Institute of Technology and Science holds admission exams each year to determine who will be admitted to these programs. It is rated as the top private college, and according to the NIRF rating methodology, it is listed as number 25.

  • Vellore Institute of technology

This institution, which was founded in the city of Vellore in 1984, offers a wide range of courses, including graduate, postgraduate, and research programs. Additionally, it offers students dual-integrated courses. The typical batch has received employment offers from many businesses, and the placement rates are good.

In the fields of biotechnology, electronics and communication, and computer science engineering, BTech courses are the most popular. Students must pass the minimum cut-off score to be admitted to the Vellore Institute of Technology’s college.


Engineering is a very crowded profession; thus, students need to be prepared with their strategies to get to graduate school.

Rankings are important as are placements, costs, infrastructure, and many other factors when taking the entire process into account. The best engineering colleges in India provide a wide range of options for students, as well as several branches that should be considered. Students should be certain about the branch they want to choose based on their interest in earning a B. Tech or M. Tech degree. You can decide on your dream engineering college according to your preference.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Which engineering is best for placement?

Ans: Students from CSE, ECE, and mechanical are the best engineering fields in terms of placement, the number of jobs offered, and income packages, according to the present placement scenario.

Which college has Google placement?

Ans: Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Kanpur. Birla Institute of Technology and Sciences (BITS), Pilani. Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Madras. Indian Institute of Technology (IIT).

Does placement depend on college?

Ans: Your skill will be a crucial factor in placement. The college will not help you land that job if you don’t have the right set of talents that the employer is looking for. You would not need the college for placements, though, if you had a wide range of abilities. Simply said, it is that easy.