Top Analytics Tools for social media

If you’re looking for a way to monitor and analyze your social media activity, you can use some of the top analytics tools available. Sprout Social, Bozsum, Cypher, and Hootsuite are just a few of them. These tools can help you understand how your audience views your content, which can help you improve your content and strategy.


Social media analytics tools like Hootsuite can help you track the performance of your social media campaigns. They are useful for agencies and companies that want to show ROI on their social media marketing. In addition to offering analytics, Hootsuite lets you schedule posts and receive notifications from over 35 different social networks. This makes your job as a social media manager much simpler.

With Hootsuite, you can easily track all of your social media posts and receive instant reports with key metrics, allowing you to see how each post impacts your income and brand. These reports provide the most important metrics per social channel, as well as a consolidated view across all four platforms. Hootsuite also enables you to export these results to Excel and PowerPoint for easy sharing with colleagues.

The next step up from Hootsuite Analytics is the Social Mention Tracker, which goes beyond the basic reports. This tool tracks earned social mentions as well as their demographics. It also compares them across all networks, allowing you to identify which mentions are successful and which are failures. It can also help you manage your social media team, assigning posts to different members and analyzing the engagement of each post.

Hootsuite social media analytics tool allows you to track over 35 different social media platforms, as well as your own. It also allows you to view competitors’ content in detail. It also helps you monitor trends and develop content strategies. You can also create social media posts from any website.

Sprout Social

Sprout Social is a social media analytics tool that allows you to track and analyze social media metrics for multiple social media networks. It also has features for scheduling posts and content management. You can edit and store content and add text overlays. It also offers a publishing calendar that helps you stay on top of what’s happening on social media.

Sprout’s social listening tool is similar to its analytics tools but goes a step further by allowing you to get a deeper understanding of what your audience is saying about your brand and product. It will also tell you what hashtags your followers are using to talk about your brand. You can also identify who your biggest influencers are on social media and track their conversations.

Sprout Social is available for both free and paid plans. The basic plan is free and supports up to 10 social media profiles. You can also get an advanced plan for $249 a month. Advanced plans include additional features like an asset library and automated link tracking. The Sprout Social Professional plan can be used by a company or an individual, and has more features than its basic counterparts.

Sprout Social is a powerful social media management tool that allows businesses to connect with existing customers and build trust with new ones. A recent study found that 86% of consumers consider trustworthiness when choosing a brand. Furthermore, businesses that are trustworthy have a higher chance of gaining loyal customers.


The Bozsum social media analytics tool is designed to provide you with a variety of metrics to gauge the performance of your content marketing campaign. It can track content ranking for popular keywords and social engagement. It also helps you identify relevant audiences and determine how to improve your content. The tool also offers other useful features like Audience, which helps marketers find out which content is relevant to their target audience.

Bozsum also allows you to monitor your competitors’ content, highlighting the keywords and metrics they’re using to engage their audience. This allows you to take advantage of opportunities before your competitors do. Moreover, you can customize the software to receive alerts when your targeted keywords surpass a certain threshold. The Bozsum social media analytics tool is easy to use and helps you find the best content for your audience.

Bozsum lets you search for relevant brands, competitors, and your own brand to determine what content is popular and what content is not. This way, you can see if a piece of content will be popular before you create it. You can also use filters to refine your search. Just click on the “exclamation mark” to find out more about each filter.

Bozsum is an important tool for digital marketers. By using it, they can improve their content’s ranking on search engines and generate more engagements on social networks. With its huge database, Bozsum stands out from the competition. The database contains more than 8 billion articles, 3 million influencers, and over 300 trillion social interactions, so it can provide you with detailed insight into the type of content that your target audience is looking for.


The free version of Cypher is limited to a small amount of data, but its paid version offers unlimited features. The dashboards are customizable and can be shared with others. They allow you to track all aspects of your digital marketing. For example, you can track how much your brand is mentioned on social media and how you compare with your competitors. Cypher also provides data from multiple sources, so you can make informed decisions.

Cypher also offers the ability to manage up to 19 social media accounts. The dashboards are easy to navigate and make it possible to see your performance on multiple channels. You can even add new users to your account. However, you must pay attention to changes to the API. In addition, you can’t delete your own users, or add more than one person per account.

Cypher is a social media analytics platform that allows you to create a custom dashboard and fill it with metrics from dozens of marketing tools. It also syncs up with all major social networks and lets you pull overview reports for your accounts. It also offers 50 Facebook widgets, so you can view your Facebook analytics in a glance.

Cypher also has a knowledge base that you can consult for help with your queries. You can see what previous data was used for and where improvements are needed. Cypher offers a free and premium version of its service.

Agora pulse

Agora pulse is a powerful tool that helps businesses and brands monitor their social media presence. Its suite of features includes engagement, reporting, and scheduling. You can also view the performance of individual posts or profiles to determine if your strategy is working. The software uses artificial intelligence to analyze social media profiles. Its comprehensive reporting features also give your insight into competitors and influencers.

Agora pulse is available in two plans – free and premium. Free versions are limited to one social profile. Paid plans support up to 20 social profiles, up to four users, and the ability to assign and approve posts. Agora pulse also has a handy Chrome extension and can integrate with other social media tools.

Agora pulse also offers a publishing calendar that lets you see all scheduled posts and easily drag and drop them to different dates. It also helps you manage your social media inbox. You can add different categories to your Queue and assign color labels to each one. You can also assign a certain day or time to each category. Your posts will follow a schedule based on when your categories are active.

Agora pulse also offers a centralized dashboard where you can check all your social media accounts. Moreover, its Social Listening feature lets you track what people are saying about your brand online. This way, you can respond to them and address their concerns.


Tailwind is a social media analytics tool that can help you determine which content is working the best for your business. It uses the APIs of Instagram and Pinterest to provide accurate data about each post. The app has a range of features, from custom post inspiration to color-coded plans and reports. It is especially useful for marketers who want to take control of multiple social accounts. It has collaboration tools, workflow approvals, and support for Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Twitter. It also offers competitive analysis tools.

Tailwind was founded to help marketers manage Instagram and Pinterest campaigns. Its tools help them schedule posts, measure engagement, and optimize for future success. Users can also add photos and get hashtag suggestions, which can help them improve their efforts. It is especially useful for Instagram marketers, because it offers features for promoting content, engaging followers, and managing UGC content.

Tailwind has more than half a million customers worldwide, from SMEs to giant corporations. It supports multiple platforms, including Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest, but it’s worth noting that the pricing plan is separate for each platform. Depending on your business’s needs, you can choose between an annual, monthly, or yearly subscription, or a prepaid plan.

Tailwind has a comprehensive toolkit, including a community feature for collaborating with fellow content creators. It also allows you to create unique pins in 60 seconds.

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