What Does El Clasico Mean? Who Has The Most Wins In El Clasico?

El Classico, El Classic, or the Classic (in English) refers to the greatest rivalry in world football, FC Barcelona and Real Madrid. The two giants are undoubtedly the brightest stars in the galaxy. They are the most successful clubs in the football world. When they encounter in a sporting duel, the world literally bifurcates into two halves; you could compare it between the Allies power vs Axis power. Thus the sporting event turns out to be the most-watched game on television in terms of numbers and ratings. 

-By the way…are you Barca or Hala Madrid? 

-Do you know the history and evolution of the sporting contest?

Come let us know more about it and who has the most wins when it comes to the greatest football match. So let us begin our discussion to form a clear understanding. 

Turning The Yellow Pages (Historical Background) 

You might have noticed that every cultural event in human civilization traces back its historical root to the political circle. The El Classico is no exception and has an extremely strong socio-political base. 

The Eruption 

The conflict between FC Barcelona and Real Madrid soars far beyond the periphery of the mare football rivalry. The competition or fierce rivalry germinates from intense hatred between the Spanish and the Catalonians. This gets well reflected in the footballing battle.

By the 1830s, Barcelona had developed a strong Catalan identity. The people of Catalonia began to dissociate from the rest of Spain. They religiously nurtured the garden of independence in the heart. But the outside world was as rugged and wild because the Spanish ruler’s centralized policies stopped the division. They were inclined to stop a divorce by force. The quench of independence found manifestation in one of the crudest events. 

In 1936 Fransisco Franco, then ruler of Spain, waged a coup d’etat against the President of Barcelona, Joseph Sunyol. Franco’s troops arrested and executed him without any trial. Thus, unleashed a fascist like the regime in Barcelona, and it was too much to bear. The fire of independence, like a continual flame, ignites nationalism in every Catalan people, even today! Every football match, therefore, becomes a playground of 22 legs by thousands of protesting hearts!

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Football Duels Under Franco

The duel between both the clubs went fierce with time. During the Franco regime, he wanted Santiago Bernabeu, the home of Real Madrid, to be the abode of not only Spanish football but also of entire Europe. So Franco definitely watered his aspirations to be invincible with the scepter…be the pitch of politics or the green football pitch. This got reflected in Madrid’s performance. 

Under his leadership, Real Madrid won 14 titles – 6 Copa del Generalisimo, 6 European Titles, 2 Latin Cups, and 1 International Cup. They literally wanted to be the Spanish Armada on the green grass. But the one-way ride was obstructed only by the Red and Blue brigade, who won 8 league titles, 3 Copa Eva Duarte titles, 2 Latin Cups, and 3 Cities Fairs Cups. 

The Events Intensified The Duels

Sometimes a match-stick is enough to burn acres of jungle. The fire of lesser events flickers notable events in human history. 

1. 1943 Copa Del Generalísimo Semi Finals

The fiercest football rivalry on the planet is not an exception for sure. In the year 1943, to be precise, the second leg encounter in the Copa Del Generalisimo semi-finals, Real Madrid crushed, vanquished, and ran over FC Barcelona with a denigrating, humiliating 11-1 defeat. This also needs to mention that the first leg encounter went into the bag of Barcelona, where they convincingly defeated their arch-rivals 3- 0. But 11- 1 was not only a scorecard but a stamp of humiliation, defeat, and servitude to the fans. It was beyond any justification.

2. Transfer Of Alfredo De Stepheno

Footballing history is never complete without the greatest stars that served the game. Alfredo De Stepheno is unquestionably one of the brightest stars in the galaxy. He was the target of both Barcelona and Real Madrid, and the clubs were literally designing their attack, spearheading the invincible Argentinian. 

The Barcelona officials visited Buenos Aires and talked to the River Plate club, which holds the rights of the footballer. In addition, they talked about the transfer of the footballer. The transfer money for owning him was around 150 million Italian lira equivalent. So the stage was well set. But another event that occurred simultaneously literally disturbed the symphony. 

FIFA appointed Armando Celero, the former Spanish president, to play a mediator between the two clubs on Stephao’s right…and he said Madrid is alright! 

Stephano had to play both clubs to appease the discontent raised among the officials and the fans of Barcelona and Madrid. But later on, Real Madrid won the better of the two with a more attractive contract. De Stephano also gifted them with the first five editions of the European Cup, thus putting Madrid on the driving seat.

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Messilona Vs Ronaldrid!

The discussion between Barcelona and Real Madrid is incomplete without the mention of Leo Messi and Christiano Ronaldo. Both the stars have literally taken the duel into the exosphere of the football atmosphere. Both the stars gave their best to their respective teams under their term. Barcelona and Real Madrid touched new heights of footballing success.

Under Ronaldo, RMA won 4 European Championships and 2 La Liga Titles. Under Leo Messi, Barcelona bagged 4 European Championships and 10 La Liga. 

When it comes to El Clasico, Messi has a clear upper hand over Christiano Ronaldo. Messi won 15 El Clasico matches, but Ronaldo has won 10 el Classico matches for his club. 

Head To Head: Who Is A- Head??

Since the start of the El Classico back in the year 1902, both teams have managed to fight each other 228 times. Barcelona has 89 wins. Real Madrid is slightly ahead by three matches; they had the upper hand with 92 games. But you never know with this margin; it’s not safe. The remaining 48 clashes went without a result.

Now, if you include the exhibition matches, you will observe that Barcelona has a clear and pronounced advantage against Madrid. Barca has bagged 108 wins over Madrid’s 96.

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