What is a Dialogue List Template 

A dialogue list is a time-coded post-production script needed for a producer to submit to a production company or network as part of the distribution package presented. In addition, the producers use it for translation purposes when creating a subtitle file for foreign languages known as a spotting list. 

The Dialogue List With Spotting List in Detail 

When major films exhibit in the foreign market, a dialogue list is needed, containing a complete account of the dialogue production. While the spotting list portion is where the subtitle production is displayed from the time it starts to the end with the duration. Translators and language subtitling groups use it to express the words in the native tongue of the country. 

These days you can find multiple media platforms like Amazon Prime to Netflix that distribute content globally and capture authentic dialogue using time codes and essential. These dialogue list templates can include what is said, the sound effects, vocal sound, who is speaking, narrators, time-code, and chyrons.  

Everything About the Dialogue List Template 

For an excellent example of a dialogue list template, make sure to click through here. On the list, you will see the exact time code when the dialogue started, with the name of the speaker and the words in the conversation. In addition to the dialogue list and your spotting list, you can find two types of post-production endurance lists providing accurate transcripts of a completed video or film. 

You have the Combined Continuity Dialogue and Spotting List (CCSL) that has the audible and visual on screen. The list is very technical and describes all the shots within that scene from cut to cut. Then you have the AS Broadcast Script (Abs). While the dialogue list tells you what is said, the ABS is:

  • the visuals,
  •  the description of the scene from the beginning to the end. 

These Post-Production Scripts Are Important

All of the above combined are very important post-production scripts stating the dubbing, subtitling, the distribution of a video or film. But on the other hand, it is a lengthy manual process when creating a dialogue list, CCSL, or an ABS script. 

You can find many companies specializing in the field. Still, if you need it done correctly, it helps to choose the best close caption services to help. Or you can try to create one yourself when needing to follow the needs of the distribution partner. 

Final Thoughts 

So considering the lengthy process above, it helps to invest your money in the right company that knows what they are doing, like Back to The Paper. They can provide you with Combined Continuity and a Spotting List Service. That is not all they make dialogue lists, AS Broadcasting Script, closed captioning to subtitles.