What is Exness? Review Exness complete and latest 2022

Exness is one of the electronic exchanges chosen by many investors to conduct transactions today in the market, not only with a variety of products to perform transactions, support at many other platforms. but also due to the reputation of this exchange. So what is Exness exchange? What are the characteristics of this exchange? What advantages does it have? Let’s find out the details Review Exness.

What is Exness?

Exness is an exchange founded in 2008, which is one of the Forex trading platforms. This exchange was founded by a group of experts with similar ideas in both finance and technology. Exness exchange is headquartered in the major financial center of the world, which is the Czech Republic.

Up to now, Exness Exchange is operated by many legal entities such as SC Ltd, B.V, VG Ltd, ZA (PTY) Ltd, etc. During its operation, Exness has achieved many great and admirable achievements. Tomb: Large transaction volume up to 2000 billion USD, large number of customers performing transactions and many great prizes in the field of electronic transactions.

Is Exness a reputable exchange or not?


This exchange is always the first choice of investors in the field of electronic trading. So Exness is a reputable exchange or not, can this exchange guarantee all the interests of customers?

Exness exchange is licensed from which agencies?

As we all know, there are currently quite a few legal entities operating the Exness exchange around the world, all of them are under the management of many reputable financial agencies of many countries in the department such as:

  • Exness (SC) Ltd: With license SD025 licensed and regulated by the Seychelles financial authority.
  • Exness (Cy) Ltd: With license 178/12 licensed and regulated by the UK financial authority FCA.
  • Exness ZA (PTY) Ltd: With license 2020/234138/07 and FSP 51024 licensed and regulated by the financial authority FSCA in South Africa.
  • Exness B.V.: With license 0003 LSI, licensed and regulated by securities intermediaries in Curaçao and Sint Maarten.
  • Exness (VG) Ltd: With license 2032226 licensed and regulated by the British BVI financial commission.
  • Exness (MU) Ltd: With license 176967, business license GB 20025294 licensed and regulated by the BVI financial commission in Mauritius

How has Exness achieved?

During its operation, Exness has achieved many great achievements awarded by major financial agencies such as:

  • The exchange that executes the best trades
  • The trading floor manages the orders well
  • Best broker

Privacy Policy at Exness


Exness always adheres to the policies and regulations of the financial authorities and especially strictly protects the information related to customers. Accordingly, the information of customers will be conducted with 2FA security to ensure the safest. To be able to protect their account, Customers need to conduct verification with 2 steps, the first is to verify by sending a code to the phone and the second is to verify through Google Authenticator.

Does Exness have a compensation fund?

Exness exchange is a member of the financial authority – As an organization specializing in resolving disputes in the foreign exchange market, the compensation fund is like an insurance policy for investors and will be paid. For customers according to the regulations of the financial authorities, the insurance level that customers can receive is up to 20,000 EURO.

Reviews Exness

Website interface

In order for customers to make transactions as easily as possible, Exness designed a fairly simple and easy-to-use interface with the main colors being white and black, easy to see and minimized the ads. unrelated to the exchange. The layout of the Exness floor is scientifically designed with a variety of features such as login / account registration, tools to support transactions, many transaction support resources are clearly displayed. Therefore, new investors can also execute trades in the most efficient way.


Exness offers a wide range of trading products for customers to choose from with categories such as:

  • Forex: With 107 currency pairs (major, minor, rare)
  • Metals: Includes many metals such as gold, silver and platinum…
  • Energy: Popular energy products such as crude oil, natural gas, etc.
  • Stocks: 81 types of stocks belonging to many large companies
  • Indices: Various major indexes in the world
  • Cryptocurrencies: BTC, CAKE, ETH…

Exness account types


AccountStandardStandard CentRaw SpreadZeroPro
Minimum deposit required$10$10$200$200$200
Spread0.3 pip0.3 pip0.0 pip0.0 pip0.1 pip
Commission00$3.5 /lot$0.2/lot0
Leverage1: unlimited1: unlimited1: unlimited1: unlimited1: unlimited
Min Lot0.
Max Lot200200200200200
Margin level60%60%30%30%30%

Exness exchange transaction fee


Exness has no limit on leverage, so the fee is considered to be the most suitable and comfortable in the market.

  • Standard account: Spread from 0.3 pips
  • Raw Spread account from $3.5/lot
  • Zero account has a spread from 0.2$/lot
  • Other types of trading accounts will not be charged commissions

Trading platform

MT4 and MT5: The two most popular account types in Forex with many tools to support data analysis and charting with multiple timeframes, many technical indicators, graphical objects. However, the MT5 platform has an improvement over MT4.

New Social Trading platform launched in 2019, it makes it possible for investors to copy trading ideas from other investors. This platform is especially suitable for new investors who do not have much time and lack of experience.

Deposit – withdraw money at Exness


If investors want to deposit and withdraw money to their account at Exness, you can proceed through: Visa card, internet banking, electronic money…

The speed of depositing and withdrawing money at Exness is quite fast and can be done on Saturdays and Sundays, depositing and withdrawing money anytime, anywhere because this exchange builds a payment system. Automated billing, the process takes only a few minutes and is free. This is also the biggest plus point for many customers to search and choose Exness exchange.

Customer Service

Exness not only has a way to build its own brand for its website in the Vietnamese market, but this exchange also has an extremely good customer care team, 24/5 customer support in many other languages. together. Thereby, if customers have any questions or need for advice, they can contact customer service via live chat, email or hotline: 18004974/02444581956.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Exness


  • Minimum amount to deposit is low
  • Infinite leverage
  • Fast withdrawal support even on weekends
  • For crypto and gold there is no overnight fee
  • Quick and easy account registration procedure
  • Exness has strong financial potential with about 200 million USD in a segregated account of Exness exchange, which is 4 times larger than the margin used by the exchange to form a compensation fund for customers. when something unexpected happens.
  • Make trades 24/7 with cryptocurrencies and 24/5 with other types of products.


  • The market will have strong volatility if the spread is widened
  • Quite a few promotions
  • The product is just enough, not diverse

Above are the detailed information about Exness exchange that Trader Forex want to share with you. Hopefully, this information will help you better understand what Exness is for investors to make the best trades. With the Exness exchange, you can both make transactions and learn to gain more knowledge and experience to make these t