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What is the Dofollow link in SEO?

Have you ever imagined when you search any topic on a search engine like “ Google, Bing, Yahoo? Some websites come at the top of the search engine. So how these websites come at top rank even though there are thousands of websites but these selected websites come at top. The answer is simply boosting the website or giving a Dofollow link. You want to learn about best website designing company in ahmedabad then check here.

What are the dofollow links?

Dofollow link is a backlink which is placed in keywords, image or Topic on reputed websites. It is just like recommending google that your website is trustworthy and people can gain knowledge and not get prey of fraud. Search engine’s crawlers go through the entire content of a website and also on links and open it and see the quality of that content. If content remains free from plagiarism or some other copyright or some unique content then search engine shows on top rank. Dofollow link is a link that helps the viewer to come to the Origin site from the destination site.

Activity To Get Dofollow Link

Activity we do to get links, we put our site link on another site. Which is related to our content and we have to link your site links in the content because if any viewer or reader comes to other blogger websites where we have attached our links. by that link they can also visit our sites. Brings traffic to your site and helps in traffic. And Nofollow did not provide traffic to the site because these types of links don’t give permission to visit our site.

Guest Blogging

By guest blogging, we can get the do-follow link. In this, we have to convince the other site bloggers to publish our article on their site. For this, we have to write and send a simple, quality, and resourceful article to that blogger. And attaching onpage content links in the article.They will publish the article to their respective site. And will give a live URL. And keep in mine one thing that is DA or DR should be above then our site’s DA and DR. It plays an important role to give heavy traffic to your site if he is giving dofollow to you. 

Email outreach

It is another way to get the dofollow or nofollow link. In this, the sender will use email to communicate with the other site. To publish his/her article on their website. So he will select some famous site whose site DA and DR are above then his/her site DA and DR. and he will send the proposal letter to that site email and if they see your mail and accept your proposal then you are able to send your content to them and content should be unique, simple and resourceful content. And you have to send content-related images to them and they will publish your content and send you a live URL. and it will provide you natural traffic to your website.


It is also the way to get the Dofollow link. With the help of publicity in this, the blogger has to do publicity for his/her site. To come in the eye or mine of many people and make their site a brand. So the other bloggers get attracted to it and publish his/her article on his/her site. For their site betterment and heavy traffic. And give you a dofollow link and live URL to you. 

Profile Creation 

Almost all websites offer sign in or sign up procedures to visit their websites. By signing one’s website you can add your description and add links to promote your content. Almost all profile creation sites provide Dofollow links.    

How to check the Dofollow Link ? 

Some websites have core work to work with google algorithm and also checks which link a reputed website is providing, whether it is Dofollow links or No follow links. so some famous sites are -:

  • Do-follow link checker
  • MozBar
  • SEOquake
  • LinkAnalyzer
  • Dofollow link checker checks the entire page of the given website and tells if the content gives Dofollow or Nofollow. But this version does not support Javascripts. 
  • LinkAnalyzer manages and tells all the records of links whether it is Dofollow or Nofollow link. 
  • MozBar is very simple to use, just sign in and add to chrome extension and ready to use. It will popup the top of your chrome and show which link it is providing. 
  • SEOquake is a plugin used in SEO. Not only shows links but compares the URL and Domain of the websites in real time.

Benefits of Dofollow Link

Improves Ranking on Google

By building a Dofollow link google’s crawler goes to the link and checks its quality. If content has some uniqueness then bring in rank. It figures out how many users are linking your website. More Dofollow links means more recommendation from users. 

Brings Audience to Websites.

Dofollow links help to bring the audience of linked websites. Gives traffic and chances of having more audience to your website.


  1. How to Get a Dofollow Link?

The best and honest way to get dofollow link is to create an awesome content. Or you can post blog on another websites.

  1. Is Dofollow better than Nofollow?

Both link have equal weightage as Dofollow gives recommendation whereas Nofollow does not gives recommendation.

  1. How to know whether site is providing DOfollow or Nofollow?

There are many Chrome extension or websites that tells whether it is giving Dofollow or Nofollow. Extension like Mozbar, SEOquake, LinkAnalyzer.

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Remember hundred percent Dofollow is not good as everyone has cons and pros then how one’s websites can be hundred percent perfect. There should be a required amount of Dofollow links for your website. Sometimes if your dofollow link is not standard then it will become spam and hinder your website so be careful and smart.