What Products Does Reckitt Benckiser Sell?

Sustaining bruises while playing with friends is common. ‘Clean it using Dettol to avoid an infection’. Mopping and cleaning your flooring and toilet regularly to avoid germ accumulation is a concern. ‘Add a capful of Lizol to the water’. ‘Clean your toilet every day with Harpic’. Tormented by mosquitoes? ‘Turn on the Mortein Mosquito Repellent System’.

These are common statements we make and hear every day. Not many of us realize, though, that there is one company that manufactures and distributes a number of cleaning and hygiene products that we use daily in our homes, offices, schools, and workshops.

Reckitt Benckiser – A Legacy of Trust

The Reckitt Benckiser Group has a 200-year-old legacy of producing health, hygiene, cleaning, and nutrition products. Dettol and Harpic are some of the most popular global brands. The group has a significant international presence with an impressive portfolio of products. The popularity and demand of Reckitt Benckiser products have been skyrocketing since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Top Reckitt Benckiser Brands in India

  • Dettol – The Dettol range of antiseptic and disinfectant products are possibly the most popular offerings from Reckitt Benckiser. Apart from the popular antiseptic liquid, the Dettol brand produces and sells hand wash liquids, soaps, sanitizing wipes, and hand sanitisers.
  • Harpic – Harpic is a well-known global brand that represents sanitation and cleanliness across the world. Harpic is the No. 1 brand offering top-quality toilet and bathroom cleaners in India.
  • Lizol – The Lizol range of floor and surface cleaners offer superior dirt, dust, and stain removal along with complete disinfection. Marketed as Lysol, these products of Reckitt Benckiser are among the best multi-surface cleaners in Indian markets.
  • Mortein – Mortein is one of the top brands of insecticides available in India. The brand includes mosquito repellent systems, sprays, and pest solutions.
  • Clearasil – The Clearasil brand is popular worldwide for its acne and pimple solutions and skincare products. It became the first brand to tackle pimples with the help of creams, face washes and cleansing products.
  • Airwick – The Airwick range of room sprays, automatic fragrance dispensers, and air fragrances are among the most popular in India. Some of the products available in India are customized to suit indigenous preferences.
  • Veet – Veet hair removal creams, wax strips, and hair trimmers are among India’s most popular women’s care products. Recently, Veet has also entered the realm of men’s grooming products in the country.
  • Vanish – Vanish is an all-in-one detergent booster perfect for removing stains, brightening white clothes and fabrics, and disinfecting the laundry. Vanish products boost and support ordinary detergents for a superior wash.
  • Durex – Durex is a popular brand of condoms and personal lubricants available in India. It is one of the fastest-growing brands in its category in the country.

 Some Top Products from Reckitt Benckiser

  • Dettol Antiseptic Liquid – The golden Dettol Antiseptic Liquid is an iconic product that is an indispensable part of every First Aid kit. This multi-purpose product can be used as a disinfectant and a sanitizing product.
  • Dettol Clinical Strength Antiseptic Handrub – Hand sanitisers are now ubiquitous products used in homes, schools, hospitals, and offices. The Dettol Clinical Strength Antiseptic Handrub is a very strong product effective in maintaining hand hygiene in clinical and regular settings.
  • Dettol Liquid Handwash – Another essential hand hygiene product, the Dettol Liquid Handwash is perfect for all household and office settings. It eliminates over 100 disease-causing bacteria and viruses with every wash.
  • Harpic 10x Max Toilet Cleaner – The Harpic 10x Max Toilet Cleaner is one of the strongest and most effective toilet cleaners that destroys 99.9% of bacteria, viruses, and fungi while removing stains and limescale from toilet bowls.
  • Lizol Disinfectant Surface Cleaner – The Lizol disinfectant surface cleaner is a great addition to the water used to mop floors and clean surfaces. It is effective against dirt and stain removal, kills germs and pathogens, and leaves the surfaces smelling fresh and fragrant.
  • Colin Glass Cleaner – Colin cleaner removes dirt and dust and leaves glass and shiny surfaces sparkling and clean.

Dettol Pro Services

The Dettol Pro Services website is designed to offer cleaning and sanitation support to office administrators and those needing bulk deliveries. The site offers products of Reckitt Benckiser in tailor-made bundles designed to meet the needs of the specific industry. A Dettol Pro Expert from the site helps with planning, budgeting, and bulk ordering and also offers market insights.

Businesses can save up to 40% on the price of Reckitt Benckiser products by ordering through the site. The site also offers training programs for administrative staff and cleaning crews for various industries and businesses.